“Rampage”: Decent movie all around

A beginning scene from the movie Rampage Photo Credit: Brian Serna

By Brian Serna ’20

“Rampage” is a decent movie all around since it has good acting, a quality plot, and a decent character build up.

When the movie begins, you’re given the vibe of being in a jungle and not knowing the surroundings, but as it carries on, you can sense the slight humor that is portrayed by the characters.

The acting is good because you can tell that everyone is putting their best effort into the character they are trying to portray. Whenever one of the characters is in trouble, you can feel their emotions. The plot is of good quality since it’s basically about an experiment gone wrong, but you later find out it was intentionally done by other characters in the movie.

The character build up is good since throughout the whole movie, it gives a slight insight to the characters that are being shown on screen. Even if a character is only on screen for a short amount of time, you can sense whether they were a nice person that you wouldn’t mind seeing on the streets, or if they were someone with attitude that you would want to ignore at all costs.

I would recommend this movie if you’re someone that likes movies with action and the occasional bit of comedy. Although I find “Rampage” to be a good movie, not everyone will agree. I feel that the movie could have done a bit better by having a more clear story.

  • PG-13
  • 1h 47m long
  • fantasy/science fiction
  • Directed by Brad Peyton