Favorite Memories

Favorite Memories:


Brian Arzate

My favorite memory was in freshman year. I had Mr. Erwin [for math] 5th period and when we’d smile, laugh, lean on our hands, or even breathe, he’d say, “that’s a bummer!” As he’d say this, he’d grab his post-it and remove the pen that was in the pocket of his shirt, which was on the left side of his chest, and write our name down. He would then look up at you and say “that’s one” indicating that it was a demerit. He gave demerits like they were candy. Demerit for you, demerit for you, demerits for everyone!


Ivan Murillo

My favorite memory at Pritzker is when I hit 315lb on the bench press in the weight-room and my lifting buddies, Manuel, Jose, Andres, hit a new PR too.


Ashley Vintimilla

A favorite memory would be me knowing all the hard work that I had put in, and all the help that I received for the past  years and know knowing that I will graduate from high school and continue my education to college.


Uriel Villamil

My favorite memories at Pritzker was soccer season and enjoying every time I spent with Roberto Leon and Ramiro Talavera. They have always been by my side since the very start.


Antonio Lopez

My favorite memory at Pritzker was during advisory this year when everyone in the classroom was being loud and Sylvestre Gonzalez was in the background talking on the phone with his mom, and then Ms. Kuehl yelled at everyone to be quiet and once everyone got quiet, Sylvestre said “Alright Mom, gotta go.” Everyone burst out laughing right after.


Stephania Valencia

My favorite memory at Pritzker was in advisory freshman year. Mr. Seigle wanted all of his advisees to sit down and stop talking, so he made up a song to do just that. “Sit down, Sit down, Your ass is in the air; Sit down, Sit Down, Put it in a chair.” He sang this every time we were not in our chairs.


Angelica Rosa

My favorite memory of Pritzker has always been Mustache Fridays, especially seeing Mr. Stosberg wear a wig that was almost like a bowl hair cut. I remember thinking to myself, “Huh… so that’s what he’d look like with hair… Weird.”


Alva Chavez

My favorite memories always seem to lead back to one place: the lunch table. There I have had some of the most invigorating and humorous conversations with Luis, Isiah, Giovanna, Daniela, and Andrew.


Vanessa Flores

My favorite memory was when Taylor and Jasmine were running around during advisory and Taylor ripped her pants.


Maria Orduno

My favorite memory at Pritzker is when Angelica Rosa stepped on a meatball. Taylor Jackson retold the event to Dr. Ziparo’s 3rd period AP Lit class, and she had everyone crying from laughing.


Carlos Oquendo

My favorite Pritzker memory had to be the Pritzker Honors Choir New Orleans Trip [this year]. It was an amazing bonding experience at such a beautiful, incredible city. This was all thanks to Mr. Brian Pavloff.


Sylvia Gallardo

My favorite memory at Pritzker was joining sports. Having the chance of winning championships with the rugby and cheer teams was one of the best feelings being at Pritzker. My favorite memories are the rugby sleepovers we would have at Melinda Hernandez’s house.


Zuriel Alcantara

My favorite memory is meeting my best friend Zyanya E. Acosta who changed who I am, and who got me out of my comfort zone. The day I met you was by far the weirdest day of my life. We were sitting in Ms. Sagar’s World History class. The first time you made a weird motorcycle sound and we both burst out laughing, I knew we were going to get along. We had some of the awkward moments where you accidentally picked my nose, got into a argument, talked about drama, or when Ms. Sagar asked you why you don’t have nice handwriting like the rest of the girls and you got booty hurt. You were up with me at 2’o clock in the morning on the phone, just listening to me talking nonsense and even though it seemed like you were not paying attention, I knew you were.


Christiana M. Lopez

Winning 1st place in Cheerleading for four years straight.


Veronica Colon

The Girls’ Rugby Championship Game against Rowe Clark 2015. The whole team was hyped and first true moment I felt a part of something.


Pedro Ibarra-Barrera

I have two favorite memories. My first favorite memory was joining Journalism for first time three years ago because it’s a class that I really enjoy. It’s awesome because Ms. Curtin makes it fun and it has simply become my favorite class. My second favorite memory was becoming a senior because it is a year where you have a lot of fun.


Guadalupe Arguello

My favorite memory was when Honors band participated in the Midwest Band and Orchestra Conference this school year. Since we all participated, we were able to see a Japanese band, Tamagawa Academy, which we all looked up to. Everyone was amazed by the live playing and so was I.


Lupita Peralta

My favorite memory at Pritzker was when my advisory (Schwartz) had our lock in and Ms. Schwartz surprised us all with our own laptops. We all sang and danced, and at midnight we cut an ice cream cake to celebrate our four years together.  


Alyssa Barrera

One of the most memorable events I remember at Pritzker is the night our advisory had a lock in; we sang karaoke, played hide and seek, made cookies, and watch movies with one another. Although I can’t remember all the details clearly now, I do vividly remember the sense of kinship I felt. Although I never got to know everyone in my advisory on a personal level, I do know that these girls will continue to embed a sense of companionship in me even after I graduate from Pritzker.