Citlaly Leyva: Successful Soccer player

March 28, 2020

Who is Citlaly Leyva?  Citlaly Leyva, a junior, has been part of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team for the past two years at Pritzker College Prep. Leyva has been on the Varsity level since freshman […]


Adrienie Cornejo: The Skillful Soccer Star

March 28, 2020

Adrienie Cornejo, who goes by “Adri”, is a junior on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team and will be playing for the third year in a row for the varsity team. She has been on the […]


Joseph Marinez: New Male Cheerleader

February 24, 2020

By Salvador Rosas ’21 Senior, Joseph Martinez, is a new male cheerleader in the winter sports season. He found himself trying out because it was “recommended” by his friends. Martinez found it to be an […]


Cynthia Munoz: A prominent basketball player

April 8, 2019

By Griselda Jimenez ‘20 Towards the end of the season, junior Cynthia Munoz was pulled out for a conversation. She was in the Girls’ JV Basketball team. Munoz just joined the basketball team this year. […]


Life Lessons learned in college

May 30, 2018

By Citlalli Calderon ’18 While in college, paying close attention in classes could be important, however, there are some lessons college students may believe would come in handy. Especially real life lessons that could be […]


What does 2020 mean to sophomores?

May 10, 2018

By Mariah Villanueva ’20 The current sophomores, class of 2020, have about two more  years left until graduation.  Time will go by fast and soon the sophomores will become seniors. Graduating high school is a […]


Sophomores on their road to success

March 14, 2018

By Briana Jimenez  ’18 Semester one just wrapped up a few weeks ago. Semester one, for most, is still an adjustment period as people adjust not only to their new grades but new classes. For […]


Robo calls and its irritation

March 14, 2018

By Angel Zagal ’18 When you find your phone ringing and you answer only to find it’s a pre recorded message and not a real person, that’s a robocall. Robo calls have been on the […]


Fortnite at Pritzker!

March 6, 2018

By Chris Ticas ’20 Have you heard of Fortnite? It is arguably one of the most known video games of the year, and 2017. Fortnite takes you to an immense island where you and 99 […]


Roger Torres: The Youtuber himself

February 27, 2018

By Kayla Cruz ’20 With an iced coffee in his hand and laughing so hard with his friends, junior Roger Torres can be seen at Dunkin’ Donut almost everyday after school. At Dunkin Donuts,  Torres […]

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