Students’ feelings about Pritzker

Student's exiting Pritzker

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20

Pritzker College Prep, the home of the Jaguars, is quite a small school. And because of its small size, the Pritzker staff and students are like a family, everyone knows everyone, or at least how they look. But does every student feels like they are actually at home? Do they actually express the same feelings as when they are at home? Let us take a closer look at what Pritzker students feel while walking the Pritzker’s halls.

Looking at a freshman’s point of view, Milton Espino, a freshman, said “I feel all kinds of emotions. I mean I can specifically state only one for everyday, some new emotions happen, whether it’s from being stressed, happy, and even sad at times too.” Espino does not really have a specific emotion that he feels every day while being at Pritzker. He feels like he has one emotion one day then another emotion the next day.

Seeing it from another point, Kiaralys Homar, a sophomore, said, “I feel happy [at Pritzker] because I interact with my friends. […] At times classes are fun, but I also feel stressed.” Homar’s top emotions that she feels at Pritzker are happy because she is with her friends and stressed because of the actual school work.

Let us take a closer look at the more upper class of Pritzker: a senior. Brenda Hernandez, a senior, feels “happy but stressed at the same time while being [at Pritzker]. Although, [she knows] Pritzker will help [her] make great opportunities in the future.” Hernandez’s feelings towards being at Pritzker are similar to those of Homar: happy and stressed.

When asked if the amount of work that Pritzker gives them affects how they are feeling at school, a variety of different answers were given. Espino said, “[The work] doesn’t feel bad. I finish it pretty quickly. The reason being is because I repeated.”

In a different situation, Homar stated, “I feel stressed […] because at times, teachers give a lot of homework.” Similarly, Hernandez said, “The amount of homework I get every day is very stressful because they’re preparing us for finals.” Based on these students’ answers, the amount of work/homework they receive does affect how they are feeling. It is either a stressful feeling or a neutral feeling.

When asked what is something that they can use as a symbol in order to represent how they feel at Pritzker, Espino said that his symbol is “Chicago.” Espino said it was Chicago because “the weather be changing up from time to time. One day it’s nice, but the next day, it’s snowing. The same goes for here. At Pritzker, you don’t know what it has in store for you while class is in session.”

“I feel like the snoozing emoji,” said Homar while describing what her symbol is, “because I sometimes sleep late and I have to avoid trying to sleep in class.” On the other hand, Hernandez said, “I feel like a runner trying to reach the finish line. It has been a tough year with getting college applications submitted and turning paper work in.”