Roger Torres: The Youtuber himself

A video of Roger Torres explaining 20 fun facts about himself. Photo Credit: Kayla Cruz

By Kayla Cruz ’20

With an iced coffee in his hand and laughing so hard with his friends, junior Roger Torres can be seen at Dunkin’ Donut almost everyday after school. At Dunkin Donuts,  Torres is being his loud usual self  with his best friend, a senior, Yaneet Rodriguez. The two will talk about how their day went to arguing about how to properly pronounce caramel.

Torres is very well known for his amazing handwriting. Brian Salgado, a very close friend of Torres and a sophomore, praises how neat his handwriting is by talking about the amount of support he gets on his Youtube channel at RogerWrites. Griselda Jimenez, another close friend of Torres and a sophomore, says that “[Roger] has the best handwriting I have ever seen.” Torres feels very proud of his handwriting and would like to continue improving it even more. “I like collecting pens too because [of] how different pens are when used for writing,” Torres said. Rodriguez and Salgado both agree that Torres has too many pens, and he loves them very much.

Besides his love for calligraphy, Torres loves working on his Youtube channel. “[Roger] not only does calligraphy videos on my Youtube channel [RogerWrites], but I also do Get- to-know-Me videos and post videos of the adventures my friends and I go on,” Torres said. Rodriguez loves going on adventures with Torres because she is making memories with him, and she is having a great time. “My adventures are usually with my friends and I going to a store and acting crazy there,” Torres said while describing the kind of adventures he does with his friends.

With spending time with his friends and maintaining a Youtube channel, Torres does focus a lot in school. “School is very important to me because I always push myself and want to try even harder,” Torres exclaimed when asked about his school life. Oswaldo Hernandez, another close friend of Torres and a freshman, explained how Torres loves school, and how he always works ahead of time. “Like if there is a project due one month from now, [Roger] would start on it right away and complete it as soon as possible,” Hernandez exclaimed. Hernandez even mentioned that Torres might forget that he already completed the project because he had already did it so early. Salgado mentions that Torres not only wants to improve more in school, but he also helps out his fellow peers if they are confused. “[Roger] likes helping out other people and doesn’t only focus on himself,” Salgado explained. Jimenez also mentioned that Torres is always “striving to do better and is ready to take on any new challenges that come his way.” Jimenez used the example of Torres being in Precalculus and how Torres is always trying his best in there.

With maintaining his Youtube channel, hanging out with his friends, and working hard in school, Roger Torres proves that he can do it all and nothing can stop him.