About Us

The Pritzker Press Mission Statement

We are The Pritzker Press. Our mission is to inform, entertain, and persuade readers with our factual and creative coverage of events that happen in our school and community. We aim to spread our Jaguar spirit throughout our school.

Meet the Board

Argenis Salgado ’21 Editor-in-Chief 

Skylah Martinez ’21 Editor-in-Chief

Osvaldo Medina ’21 Managing Print Editor 

Kayla LaSalle ’21 Managing Web Editor 

Jarissa Mirabal-Paredes ’21 Managing Photo Editor 

Yadira Lopez ’21 Social Media Manager 

Arlette Carino ’21 Managing Opinion Editor 

Jennifer Arroyo ’21  Print Editor 

Marina Frayre ’22 Editor & Class Lead 

Ariana Gomez ’22 Editor & Class Lead 

Dayanara Gutierrez ’22  Web Editor 

Ericka Taboada ’22  Web Editor 

Citlaly Leyva ’21 Editor 

Emily Trujillo ’22 Editor 

Ailyn Corona ‘ 22 Editor 

Daisy Negrete ’22 Editor 

Brittany Silva ’22 Editor 

Joshua Sanchez-Ramirez ’23  Editor 

Emily Gonzalez ’23 Editor 

Abigail Martinez ’23 Editor

 Faculty Advisors

Despina Ades

Journalism Instructor 

Robert Zeglinski 

Americorps Journalism Assistant