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    Northern Rescue: A relatable show

    By Stephania Flores ’20 Northern Rescue is a show that was released on Netflix with relatable teen problems and a variety of characters. Northern Rescue is about a father who tries to maintain a close [...]
  • 2019

    Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse: Meat lovers paradise

                 By Mirna Pineda ’21 Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse has eye-catching decor, an impressive customer service, and magnificent food. The restaurant is located in the River North area. People are required to make reservations in [...]
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    Sex offenders in Chicago’s Neighborhoods

    By George Arroyo ’19, Esteven Estrada ’19, Dania Herrera ’19, Mauricio Rodriguez ’19, Atziri Tapia ’19 Chicago’s neighborhoods have been constantly surrounded by crime. Sexual assault is an important and highly talked about topic in [...]
  • 2019

    All about Easter with Pritzker students

    By Citlali Sanchez ’21 There are a lot of activities done  on Easter. There is the traditional egg hunt, and the going to church on this specific day. People have their favorite memories about this [...]