• 2020

    Global Glimpse excites nominated students

    By Cristian Gutierrez ’21 Some juniors were nominated for a trip that can potentially change their lives. Both junior Gregorio Chavez and junior Carlos Espinoza were nominated for Global Glimpse and cannot wait to apply. [...]
  • 2020

    Fortnite?! More like Fort-gone!

    By Miguel Cordero ’21 Fortnite and the “The End” event Fortnite is a battle royale game that has been extremely popular ever since it was released in 2017.  Recently, on Oct. 13, Fortnite came to [...]
  • 2020

    Seniors thinking about dorming

    By Crystal Barrera ’20 “Congratulations class of 2020!” is what seniors are soon to hear. As college decisions slowly approach in a couple of months, seniors are beginning to think about what is the best [...]
  • Seniors are starting to submit their college applications. PC: Zitlalith Cortes

    New College Submissions

    By Guadalupe Flores ’20 Seniors already submitted their Nov. 1st college applications. Many students were stressing out because it was their first round submitting college applications. The college application process is very long and stressful [...]