• 2020

    “IO:” A not so thrilling thriller

    “IO” is a Netflix Original that consists of breathtaking cinematography, poor execution, and exceptional characters. “IO” is about Sam, a scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, being stuck in [...]
  • 2020

    “100 Humans”: 100 reasons to watch

    “100 Humans” is a Netflix show that recently came out with not much recognition. This TV series has unique characters, compelling execution, and an appealing theme. “100 Humans” is a reality TV series where 100 [...]
  • 2020

    Seniors preparing for college and more

    College decisions are due on May 1 for seniors. Not only might this put pressure on the seniors, it is also a big commitment for the next four years.  Senior Jonathan Morales states that his [...]
  • 2020

    All American Season 2: Shocking ending

    All American is a tv show inspired by a true story, and it has left fans wanting more. The show is filled with high-quality acting and a shocking cliffhanger.  The life of an African-American football [...]