• 2019

    Community Service Trip

    By Monica Soto ’20 Still not done with community service hours? Still, need those 10 hours for the semester? Looking for interesting places that you can help in? Well, students can get five hours of [...]
  • 2019

    Revelations of R.Kelly’s hidden past

    By Mauricio Rodriguez ’19 In January, a six part documentary was released: “Surviving R. Kelly” brought the rapper into infamous headlines. The Chicago Tribune mentioned that this Lifetime documentary special was an “examination of a [...]
  • 2019

    Boys’ Rugby demolishes Noble Street

    By Jahson Galvan ’20 The Boys’ Rugby game was held on Mar. 14 against Noble Street from 7-8 p.m. at ITW. Pritzker and Noble street began off by warming up and running a few short [...]
  • 2019

    Cynthia Munoz: A prominent basketball player

    By Griselda Jimenez ‘20 Towards the end of the season, junior Cynthia Munoz was pulled out for a conversation. She was in the Girls’ JV Basketball team. Munoz just joined the basketball team this year. [...]