• 2018

    Sophomores on their road to success

    By Briana Jimenez  ’18 Semester one just wrapped up a few weeks ago. Semester one, for most, is still an adjustment period as people adjust not only to their new grades but new classes. For [...]
  • 2018

    Robo calls and its irritation

    By Angel Zagal ’18 When you find your phone ringing and you answer only to find it’s a pre recorded message and not a real person, that’s a robocall. Robo calls have been on the [...]
  • 2018

    Handling peer pressure: Is it possible?

    By Brandon Valladares ’18 “It’s just alcohol stop being a pu**y and drink it. Everyone here is doing it.“ You take a shot and dislike the taste but continue to drink it because you don’t [...]
  • 2018

    Prom: What is our theme?

    By Barbara Garcia ’18 Masquerade, Hollywood, or The Great Gatsby? Daniel Selan a calculus, algebra II, and senior council teacher takes initiative with prom every year. Senior council created a survey that went out to [...]