• 2018

    Finally…Pens Women Can Use

    By Paola Diaz ’19 “Since I’ve begun using these pens, men have found me more attractive and approachable” is just part of one of the hundreds of reviews for the Bic pens “for her.” Have [...]
  • 2018

    What do students think of their homework?

    By Jennifer Arroyo ’21 Remember elementary school and middle school? Book bags light as a feather, nights ending early, and students did not get a huge volume of homework each night. Now let us talk [...]
  • 2018

    Crystal’s life at Pritzker

    By Mirna Pineda ’21   She walks into [the] school and immediately gets recognized. Friends come and say and start conversations. Their faces light up as she walks into the room. Crystal Garcia, a sophomore stated, [...]