• 2019

    AP exams are arriving quickly

    By Kayla LaSalle ’21 The end of the school year is closing in and May is the month of exams. After a week of no school for spring break, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have to [...]
  • No Picture

    The “tea” on advisers leaving

    By Samantha Ortiz ’20 Many advisers will not have an advisory next year. As well as many advisories will get new advisers. The list of advisers who are leaving are John Planisek, Will Kaplan, Daniel [...]
  • 2019

    “The Last Summer”: A Summer hit?

    By George Quinonez ’21 “The Last Summer” is an amazing teen movie with very creative character development and a phenomenal plot. However, it lacks to build any relationship between the audience, who are meant for [...]