• 2017

    John Burge: New curriculum

    By Barbara Garcia ’18 The John Burge is a new curriculum that was about an ex Chicago police commander who is looked down upon due to the injustice done under his watch. CPS is now [...]
  • 2017

    Jessica adjusting to her freshman year

    By Laura Ocampo ’20 Freshman year can be very challenging because you are not usually use to the new environment. This is Jessica Rodriguez’s experience and how she is going through it. As soon as [...]
  • 2017

    Trip to China

    By Zitlalith Cortes ’20 Pritzker students went on a trip this summer to China to  experience a new type of lifestyle and learn from the Chinese culture. As sophomore Jancarlos Berrios explained his experience, he [...]
  • 2017

    Is there a power in protest?

    By Starr Lewis ’18 The power of protest is rooted in delivery and execution. To deliver a powerful message that makes a change to an issue, you should be loud and bold. The question is [...]