Pokemon Sword and shield: Could be better

January 13, 2020

By Katya Ramirez’21 Pokemon games have been raging on devices from Gameboy, Ds lite, 3Ds, Dsi, and ultimately the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield has its traditional playstyle, outstanding graphics, and a confusing new […]


Polysphere: Begin your rotations

December 2, 2019

By Dulce Zagal ’20 Would you like the idea of rotating a picture, that is not in its complete form, to get the whole picture that is not mixed up? Do you just enjoy the […]


Rolling Sky: A fun way to go

November 4, 2019

By Dulce Zagal ’20 Do you enjoy seeing different themes each time you play a game? Do you enjoy completing challenging obstacles? Well, the Rolling sky is the perfect game app for you. Rolling Sky […]


“Borderlands 3”: An okay game

October 24, 2019

By Jaime Aguilar ’21 “Borderlands 3” is an action role-playing first-person shooter game. This game was heavily anticipated since Borderlands 2 was released on Sept. 18, 2012. Seven years later, the developers released the new […]


Toon Blast: A Colorful Dynamite

September 23, 2019

By Dulce Zagal ’20 Do you enjoy games that have a variety of colors and have no kind of interruption? Do you like to be challenged in anyway possible? Well, Toon Blast is the ideal […]


Block-Chain: Simplicity at its finest

June 13, 2019

By Gisselle Vargas ‘20 A game made for a wide audience, Block-Chain is a new, simple game available on iOS 6.0.0 or later. Its objective is to remove all colored blocks. With its peaceful music […]


Run Race 3D: a strategic game

June 13, 2019

By Crystal Barrera ’20 Run Race 3D is a game app that you play with friends or play with other unknown users around the world. The game app is unique, challenging, and requires a strategy. […]


Farm Together: The Ultimate Farming Experience

March 18, 2019

By Ruben Soberanis ’19 Immerse into an empty land that waits for somebody to cultivate it with crops, flowers, animals, shops, homes, and more. Farm Together brings farming simulation to a fun and complex era […]


Jumpr: Jump to rise higher

March 4, 2019

By Dulce Zagal ’20 Did you ever consider playing a game that requires you to think fast? Well, lucky you, Jumpr is the perfect game app for you. Jumpr makes you have quick movements, different […]

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