Senior Wills

Senior Wills


I, Carlos Oquendo, will to Angel Franco the power to be the best tenor in the school and to show the new choir teacher the amazing talent he has.


I, Cielo Martinez, will to Angel Martinez the satisfaction of being my little brother and a Martinez and hope he strives to be the best he can be, because although he is a pain, I have high hopes and pride in him. Love that child.


I, John Cardenas, will to a 9th-11th grader the motivation to stay focused in school and work hard.


I, Angel Christopher Bisono, will to Randy Torres all of the fun memories we’ve had over the past year, but not only that. I will also leave him with all of the fun that he could have in the next four years.


I, Zyanya Acosta, will Annette Pabello to be the best volleyball player she can be and to not give up when she might be losing or injured.


I, Benny Delgado, will to Kaylee Cuezzi the power to be the best soccer player she knows she can be and never give up on herself. Love you Cuezzi.


I, Janyne Shipp, will to Desiree Sanchez the perseverance needed to graduate from Pritzker and will to her all of my notes from past classes to give her the help she needs.


I, Miriam Higareda, will to Marcela Gonzales the power to continue on with Dance Club and make it the best experience of her high school years. The power for her to push through any obstacles that come her way and keep growing as the strong and independent individual she is!


I, Crystal Montijo will  to Isadora Cuevas, Boni Fernadez, and Larissa Ruelas the power to succeed up to senior year. Boni, don’t give up. Larissa, get on to senior year. Isadora and Boni, you guys are becoming seniors, now bring on what Pritzker has shown you. Always know that I am here for you.


I, Talia Garcia, will to Lisie Roldan the power to be the best Russian student in the Senior class and live out my legacy. (Oh, and if someone does ask her to prom, I will to her the opportunity to say No in front of everyone she’s asked in front of so that I can live my dream vicariously through her.)


I, Dionicio Reyes, will to Pedro Viveros the ability to step out your comfort zone and step it up. I, like you, was a really shy person my first year, However, with the help of ROTC, I no longer fear being in front of people. You are very shy, but I will say to just step up in ROTC and it will bring out your true self.


I, Brian Arzate, will to Jackie Puente the power to become the best at everything! Better your good. You have so much potential to become anything you want. I will always be here for you! Take care.


I, Angelica Rosa, will to Annette Pabello the power to be confident in herself and realize just how talented and influential she is. I will to her the power to push through the pressure and stress and do what she loves most.


I, Melanie Mojica, will Crystal Roman to always strive to be better everyday. Always try to achieve her dreams because they are possible. She can do it! For her to never give up even if it’s hard. In the end, it will be worth it.


I, Emiliano Alvarez, will Chloee Toro to be the best staff editor as she tries her best to help her students and herself, because she is an outstanding leader.


I, Elijah Perez, will to the classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 some advice: Try your best.


I, Vanessa Ordas, will any band member to always take their instruments home and practice, even if they do not want to, because the results will be great.


I, Alexa Santiago, will to Jocelyn Santos the power of being the strongest and most positive person I know, and looking out for me. Never lose your spunk!


I, Christian Morales, will Samantha Santiago to be the best Alto and athlete she can be and never give up. Stay strong! I love you best friend!


I, Gustavo Marquez, will to the Delgado twins my ability to be a class clown because it is important to put a smile on your peers’ faces and give teachers a hard time.


I, Stephanie Valencia, will to Noel Candelaria the power to continue being the best and the power to become Pritzker’s first male flyer.


I, Alva Chavez, will Starr Lewis the power to become the best opinion writer. I hope you may continue to not be afraid to express your opinions and challenge yourself to new topics and new opinions. Best of luck!


I, Alexis Moreno, will to Alan Antimo the power to be able to grow as an ultimate player and handler.


I, Cristian Castillo, will to Marc Carbajal luck for getting into the top college(s) no matter what the odds are.


I, Melinda Hernandez, will to Styles Pinkston the power to be the most outstanding spoken word poet he can be and continue to get involved in the poetry community.


I, Alyssa Barrera, will to David Soto the creativity and motivation to continue writing and analyzing. Despite what you might tell yourself or what other might tell you, your ideas are worthwhile and deserve the amount of time and effort you put into expanding them. “The Dude abides.” Do your own thing and don’t be afraid to own it.


I, Bernice Antolin, will to Jason Mejia the power to be the greatest section leader and the best sounding bass clarinet.


I, Veronica Colon, will to David Nieves the courage to adapt to any situation life throws at him and to make sure he never loses sight of his goals.


I, Zuriel Alcantara, will to Antonio Calderon the power to be the very best public speaker there ever was and no matter what don’t give up on your hopes and dreams.


I, Vicente Adan, will to Andrew Alvarez the power to never give up on any challenge ahead of him and to always finish what you start.


I, Jarissa Vega, will Carina Arceo the strength and courage to be the best person she can be: to never give up and lose sight on the important things in life.


I, Adriana Nava, will to Jorge Villa the power to not give up and try his best in all classes.


I, Suzette Suarez, will Laly Calderon to try her best to graduate next year and be who she is right now, even if she is sometimes shy.


I, Raul Andrade, will to Paula Andrade not to give up. Pritzker is hard, but if Elmer, Eduardo, and I made it, you can.


I, Desiree Roa, will to Daniel Covarrubias the power to be the best student he can be and always try his best when he is ready to give up.


I, Cristina Espinoza, will Carolina Espinoza to graduate high school to give the best for her baby.


I, Ivan Murillo, will Manuel Rulvacaba  to go to the gym every day and workout hard. No pain, no gain.


I, Jessica Rivera, will Yaneet Rodriguez to keep spreading her creativity of art and to keep pushing others to finish the mile like she did for me.  


I, Beatriz Roman, will to Samantha Santiago the height she needs to spike the ball by her senior year.   


I, Jesus I. Espinoza, will to Jason Mejia the strength of Zeus to make it through his IB classes while maintaining his rank as the top 5 of his class: I made it, therefore, you can!


I, Alondra Obispo, will to all the Pritzker journalists the power to keep writing and never procrastinating with completing articles.


I, Marcelo Catalan, will to Melissa Catalan the power to graduate with better grades than me.


I, Giovanna Bautista, will to Bryanna Delgado the limitless excitement for life’s future and confidence to never underestimate her own luminous being and ability to be who she always hoped to be.


I, Oliver Barrera, will to Nestor Barrera the power to be a great french horn player and try his best on his standardized tests.


I, Miguel Diaz, will to Monica Soto the power of $100, once I find a job, because money helps the economy.


I, Vanessa Flores, will to Arely Alvarez the power to survive high school.


I, Lesly Silva, will to Stephanie Sevilla the perseverance to fight for another championship win and to be an uplifting captain.


I, Taylor Jackson, will to Ana Gallardo my number 10 spot on the girls’ rugby team. You will lead the backs well, young grasshopper.


I, Veronica De La Mora, will to Elena Cortez the ability to be the best “lead” soprano and always sing the highest of notes under any circumstance.


I, Tony Perez, will to Ali Moreno patience with everyone around him.



Compiled by Jennifer Aguilar ’20, Josh Kelly ’20, Felipe Landa ’20, and Stephania Flores ’20