Nothing Bundt Cakes: Unique bakery with unique cakes  

Display of Cakes in Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery Photo Credit: Angel Ramirez

By Angel Ramirez ’20

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a bakery that is known for the flavor of the cakes and cupcakes sold. The cakes are unique and not like any other bakery. Once arriving to Nothing Bundt Cakes, you can be able to see the big letters that catch your attention.

The prices per bundt can vary depending on the size of cake, or the type of decorations the customers want to buy. At the shop a dozen of bundt cost $22, which is a good price because you get a dozen cupcakes for $1.83 each. Other prices can go from $4.75 for a miniature bundt cake.

The bakery sells flavors that are liked by everyone. The current flavor that is being featured is the strawberry and cream, but the most delicious of all is the red velvet flavor. Of the nine flavors, the red velvet is the most delicious because it includes chocolate chips. Some days the restaurant offers free samples of the flavors, something that bakeries should consider doing. Nothing Bundt Cakes has been famous for their signature and drizzle thick frosting, which is delicious and creamy and a big change from other cakes and bakeries.

The decor from the outside and inside makes it look like no other bakery because of the big letters on the outside,  but once you step foot inside you see cakes everywhere. Some might say the prices are very high, but it’s important everything is made fresh for you. If you buy a bundt cake, you will be satisfied for your money’s worth.

  • Address: 1953 N Clybourn Ave Suite G, Chicago, IL 60614
  • Phone number- (773-697-9263)
  • Hours open: Monday thru Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.