“I Feel Pretty”: A funny but cliche movie

“I Feel Pretty”: A funny but cliche movie

By Grecia Avila ’20

“I Feel Pretty,” directed by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn, is a comedy film. The film brought a lot of mixed emotions both good and bad, but during the film most of the audience seemed to really enjoy the movie. Since it was a comedy, it was able to bring humor to them.

Based on the plot, I think the audience was hoping to be inspired and to be given hope about one’s self-esteem and confidence, but throughout the film it wasn’t giving that certain message until the end when it showed its main purpose. The plot was very well written and the actors played their roles incredibly, but it seemed to follow the storyline of a princesses fairytale and the ugly duckling.

The plot seemed to be portrayed as a fairy tale when the maid wishes to be something more and then finally gets her wish, her prince charming, and lives happily ever after, but in Renee’s case it starts off far worse with her whole story taking weird turns. The film is about a woman named Renee, who is played by Amy Schumer, who faces issues of insecurity with her own body image, but later she wakes from a fall and hit on the head and wakes up have so much confidence that she believes she has changed and is unrecognizable. Renee thinks she  transformed to a whole new more beautiful woman who can do anything. With so much confidence she is able to develop a relationship with an ordinary guy named Ethan, played by Rory Scovel. Renee also starts off with her only two friends Vivian played by Aidy Bryant and Jane played by Busy Philipps who she later loses due to her new life and personality.

The movie seemed to propose a certain hidden message of being and loving yourself for who you are and how you shouldn’t change yourself. Again it seemed to me just like any other fairytale the only difference was that the main character changed neither wardrobe or face only her personality. The film was good. Everything as a whole was aligned well. I enjoy the movie, but my feelings towards it kept shifting through the whole thing.

The different settings and characters with all of their different personalities, including their wardrobe, went intact with the plot and theme of the film. The background music and visuals in the film made it all intriguing and brought different emotions to each different scene. Since the film does bring out drama and comedy the audience was mostly intrigued by the actors’ way of acting or playing their role.

I’m all up for an Amy Schumer movie since she is so hilarious, and I would recommend this film for those who enjoy laughing or have a dry sense of humor.

  • PG-13
  • 1h 50min
  • Comedy
  • 20 April 2018