“Planet Money:” It’ll make you see things a little differently

“Planet Money:” It’ll make you see things a little differently

By Adamaris Reyes

“Money makes the world go around,” an expression often heard, but the question that most people wonder is, “does the world revolve around money?” The refreshing and entertaining podcast, “Planet Money” is a podcast that you’ll want to listen to. As you hit the scroll button you’ll find yourself clicking on subjects that you never thought people would discuss.

What do I mean when I say this? I mean that “Planet Money” makes you think about things that you find to have little importance. The first episode that I listened to was entirely about the difference between peanut butter and chocolate m&ms. I was extremely confused since I never believed that a podcast about m&ms could be so popular and informative. But as I kept listening I was mind blown at all the hidden secrets that our dearly beloved sweets hold. For example, the Mars company, creators of M&Ms, are so secretive with their recipes and the process of making the  M&Ms, that they always deny any sort of interview. It really does make you wonder what it is that this candy company is hiding.

The mystery of these well known sweets continues throughout the podcast, as the host tries to uncover the unknown. I realized at that point, that even when this topic seemed completely pointless, I had not only learned a lot but I was entertained the whole entire episode, and if you’re curious, go right ahead and give this episode a listen…like right now. The episode was so refreshing and entertaining that I thought “Planet Money” was a relatively new podcast, but it’s not! The very first episode of this podcast was published in the year 2008. There is no doubt that this podcast is extremely capable of having new and interesting stories, no matter what year it is!

Ever get bored and want to listen to something random and hilarious? Pass the time with “Planet Money,” because it will catch you by surprise with it’s strange episodes. May I suggest you listen to “Walmart’s Pickle”? Yeah it’s exactly what it is….or maybe not.

Overall this podcast is crazy entertaining and it’s so informative at the same time. This is a podcast you’ll definitely want to listen to.

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