Michael Barcenas: The strong and fit

Michael Barcenas: The strong and fit

By Briana Jimenez  ’18

Outside of school perspective of Barcena’s life:

Michael Barcenas spends a lot of his time doing one thing: exercising, exercising, and exercising.  Why? Well he wants to be fit. Or maybe he just enjoys it. Let’s just say both.

Barcenas is always exercising whether it is doing fun activities outside of school or doing sports in school. Barcenas, in school, plays soccer and basketball. Outside of school, he spends his time playing basketball, soccer, or riding his bike. So what? As we can see, he is very athletic and besides the average, he truly enjoys exercising.

Beyond that, his joy for exercising led him to his greatest joy of all: soccer.  Barcenas’ love for soccer is undescribable although he does say he still has a lot of love for basketball. Barcenas explained, “My favorite sport is pretty hard to chose, but I’ll go with soccer since I have played longer.”

Beyond exercising outside of school, Barcenas also enjoys eating. He explained how he eats a lot, especially during the summer.

Inside perspective of Barcenas life aka school (maybe):

Barcenas, as many know him as “whopper,” is as many know, a character. He is funny, and loves to joke around. Whether it is in class, hallways, or even at practices. George Quinonez, a freshman, stated,

“He likes to interact with others, he is really outspoken.” He always tries to keep the mood light. With that being said, he has tried his best to make the best out of his time at Pritzker although it was not his first choice. Barcenas added, “but Pritzker has been decent.” Beyond that, he finds little things keep him excited. For example, he explained that although he does not know what classes he will be taking next year, he is excited to take U.S History.

How is Barcenas REALLY in school?

Other than Barcenas getting through his days with as much positivity as possible. He cares about being happy as well. Barcenas explained how his typical school day looks like for him, “My typical school day depends if it is a B day or A day because I feel as if B days drag a bit more. It also depends if I am in soccer or basketball season. In soccer season, it is normal, but I have practice until 6 p.m. For basketball season, I have practice at  6:30 a.m.” For Barcenas, his school days fluctuate depending on what season it is. He can have very long days.

All in all:

Besides Barcenas being very athletic, Barcenas is a very positive friend and student. You can hopefully see him in the hallways or at his practices.