Cardi B: “Invasion of Privacy”

Cardi B’s album cover on spotify. Photo Credit: Alexander Correa

By: Alexander Correa ’18

Who is Cardi?

According to CNN, Belcalis Almanzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper. She was initially known for her time on Love and Hip-Hop, a reality show which features celebrities. During this time, she began to make music and look for an agent in the early stages of her career.

Early Stages of Her Career

Once she was signed, Cardi had released a few songs, but it wasn’t until she had released Bodak Yellow where she became widely recognized for fame. Cardi is proud of what she has accomplished and she has no shame in saying what’s on her mind.

Cardi’s rise to fame

As Cardi began to rise to fame, she found her boyfriend and eventually got pregnant. A lot of people doubted her if she could truly be successful because she had just became a star, and now she will be having a baby. She continued to state that she will still be successful even though she is pregnant. She even had a performance at Coachella. Besides all of the attention she has generated from being pregnant, Cardi B is on the verge of having an Invasion of Privacy tour.

What Now?

Since Cardi is pregnant, obviously there is some doubt that there will be a tour, but Cardi says there will be. The album itself was released, and many people like it as it picked up right where she left with Bodak Yellow.

Thoughts on the album

Cardi B has made a successful album that has a lot of flow and is overall  full of songs that anyone can chill or turn up to. Some of the lyrics are explicit so if you don’t like cursing then it may not be the best album for you. Nevertheless, the album is still amazing.

Other critics, such as professional artists or media influences, reviewed the album and feel like it hasn’t surpassed Bodak Yellow. To be fair, Bodak Yellow was her most popular song and was the song that initially made her as famous as she is now. When you create a single as amazing as Bodak Yellow, of course it’s going to be hard to pass it up with other songs. But the album itself is great as the flow, beats, and lyrics create another great album.

Interviews and Thought

Ana Burgos: “The album is great, that’s my jam.”

Misael Rosa: “I don’t listen to Cardi much but it was pretty good.”