Softball Ladies Take a Competitive Win!

Photo of junior Sadee Vanessa Stelzik taking a hit at the match against Bulls prep.

By Perla Flores ’19

On April 21, the softball team faced Bulls College Prep in a competitive but successful game at Humboldt Park. At 9 a.m. the first batter swung and struck the ball. With the jaguars leading the game as the innings progressed. Lady jaguars making hits and striking people out as the teammates rooted  for each other.

The innings passed and the lady jaguars were still taking the lead. Scoring a run to begin the game in the first inning and consecutively scoring more. Going into the last inning the lady jaguars had a win secured 5-1. But when the last inning came, Bulls College Prep started catching up and making runs leading to a 5-4 win in favor of the lady jaguars.

This was a very close win and  was definitely a hard game as first baseman, Senior, Jocelyn Santos stated when asked about the struggles her team faced, “The other team, Bulls, was a good team so it was good to see how close the competition was.” Like any sport, softball is very competitive and the team is going to always want to win.

In correlation, center field, junior, Samantha Santiago explains her thoughts on the game, “We made mistakes in the last inning that could have been prevented, but through the whole game we stuck with it. Never giving up.” This team of ladies always push themselves to perform at their best and never fail to help each other when someone falls down.

Although some errors occurred during the game, for example Santiago explained her hitting and base running could have been better, the team performed really well. When Bulls started catching up in the last inning, the girls started to perform even better because they were determined to win.

The amount of effort seen on the field was incredible. Everyone was full of excitement and supporters in the crowd rooted loud for the lady jaguars. Santos added that it was noticeable that everyone tried their best and that they all worked together as a family.

Lastly Santiago added, “This team always gives 100% and more. At times we make mistakes, but we do what we can to bring eachother up.” This was one of many competitive games they are going to have. As this was just one of many upcoming conference games. They hope to win as many games as possible and make it to the championships and be able to win that grand prize. The team shows a lot of passion and commitment towards the game and that is a really positive mindset to have. The team gives 100% of effort and it is hoped to see the team win more games to come and even the championships.