How do Freshmen Deal With Difficult Classes?

Some tips about what to do with difficult classes.

By Alexandra Garcia ’18

Ever since freshmen stepped  into the front doors of Pritzker College Prep, they have been taking similar and different classes from their elementary school. Some similar classes they are currently taking is reading, math, and science. A different class they might be taking is  Composition 1, Physics and an elective of their choice. However, not every class is easy to deal with. There are classes that freshmen have struggled with and have found different types of methods to get their work done. Let’s take a look at some of the difficult classes that freshmen are taking and how they are dealing with them.

According to Angelica Bernabe, a freshman, her difficult class is Composition 1. The reason is that she doesn’t really understand the skills the class is working on. In order to get through this class, Bernabe has gone to office hours and asked specific questions about what she is struggling with. If she’s still confused then she would look back at her notes and practices the skill all over again until she knows what the class is learning about. Another freshmen that is having a hard time with Composition 1 class is Alexander Salgado. He said, “It’s difficult because in my elementary school we did not really practice grammar, and now we are given a lot to learn in a few days.” In order to pass this class, Salgado talks to his sister and attends office hours to clarify any questions he still has.

Physics is a new class that freshmen are taking this school year. According to Juliza Mojica, her most difficult class is Physics. She explains that the topics are confusing. She does not give up easily because she knows that some seniors are also taking this class and finds it hard to deal with it just like her. In order to be successful in this class, Mojica looks up the topic online and asks her friends to help clarify questions before an exam.