Pritzker Spotlight: Daniel Ojeda

Pritzker Spotlight: Daniel Ojeda

By Brandon Valladares ’18


Daniel Ojeda is a sophomore who plays pitcher for the Varsity Baseball team. Ojeda has played baseball for Pritzker since he was a freshman.

He first started playing when he was five years old. His family loves watching baseball; therefore, he is dictated to play baseball. When he was young, his coach informed his parent how he had a talented arm. Without a doubt, he appreciates the role of a pitcher. Now at the age of 16, he contributes his skills with other students who he sees struggling.

Everybody has a role model to look up to. His role model is Roy Halladay. Holladay is a former pitcher who used to play for the Phillies and Tornato. He always looked up to him by his impressive performance. As a Veteran  for the Phillies, he contributes his way of pitching to younger pitchers. Today Ojeda uses the same method to help others become better pitchers.

“He wants the best from everyone”  exclaimed Joshua Marchan, a sophomore. “I love playing baseball. It has been a passion since I was little. When I head to college, I want to play for a team that will lead me to the majors. I’ve always loved the cubs which I hope to get drafted by them. The key to success is to always keep on trying and to do your best.”