Martin Banderas: A Passionate Ultimate Frisbee Player

Martin Banderas plays Ultimate Frisbee. Photo credit: Hernan Bueno

By Hernan Bueno ’18

Martin Banderas, a sophomore, is a passionate Ultimate Frisbee player and he has been playing for Pritzker. He has been playing since his freshman year. Before he decided to join his freshman year, Banderas went home to learn more about the sport before finally deciding to give it a shot. When asked what inspired him to play Ultimate, Banderas replied, “As soon as I started playing I fell in love with the sport even though I was horrible at first!” Soon, Banderas was on the team and excited to play.

Banderas continues to play on the team and attend practices. These practices consist of conditioning in order to prepare the players for all of the running they’d be doing when they give it their all at games and drills that involve practicing their catches and throws according to the wind. So far, these practices have prepared the team well as they go further into their season. “I think we are playing pretty well given the fact that the season barely started,” said Banderas.

However, there is always room for improvement from Banderas’ perspective: “One main thing we can improve on as a team is how we work together or flow when we are playing. For example, how we move the disk up and down the field as well as our catches and throws.” He doesn’t just think this about his team, but about himself as well. “I have been playing pretty well, however, I know that I can take my skills to the next level and get better.”

As for future games, Banderas is confident in his teammates who always put in 110% effort, never give up, and stay high-spirited throughout the game.