“Divergent series Allegiant”: An exciting continuation to the series

"Divergent Series: Allegiant" movie poster. Photo credit: Mauricio Rodriguez

By Mauricio Rodriguez ’19


“Allegiant,” the third installment of the “Divergent series,” is an exhilarating plot, cutting edge  special effects and determined filled performance.

“Divergent series: Allegiant” is a science fiction/action film that takes place in a dystopian Chicago. In which the main characters, Beatrice Prior, Tobias “Four” Eaton, Caleb Prior, Peter, and Christine  escape Chicago’s borders in order to evade the internal fighting within two groups. But instead, they face a greater threat outside the borders.

Allegiant features a fascinating plot that is the continuation to the previous movie, “Insurgent”.  I found the plot quite fascinatingly exciting and unlike anything I imagine it would be. It surpassed my expectations, and it was 2 hours well spent. The setting takes place in the windy city, our very own Chicago, Illinois. I personally like the setting as I was able to see Chicago’s famous skyscrapers in the big screen. Despite some parts of the movie being enjoyable, there were some parts that were dull for my taste. For example, the scenes that were dull was the romantic parts between Beatrice and Four, but others may find it enjoyable and relevant to the plot.

While the plot was satisfying, the special effects is what truly caught my attention. It had futuristic effects, such as  when Tobias “Four” Eaton used special drones implanted in his military suit to find his enemies.  Advanced effects like this were interestingly unique and out of the box creative. Also, Allegiant include typical gunfire and fiery explosion, which was fitting to the situation, but it was nothing new to what is commonly seen in other action films.

A satisfying movie comes with excellent actors’ performance. Allegiant’s casts played convincing roles. For example, I was really able to see  Beatrice’s, played by the talented Shailene Woodley, feelings of betrayal. Like in one part of the movie, you can see her facial expression as it was upset and furious towards her brother’s betrayal from the last movie. I believe the acting was well performed, and it was the perfect, related reaction to a specific event.  The actors put a spot on, emotional performance. For example, one could have seen Four’s, played by Theo James,  heartbreak when Beatrice, his girlfriend, chose her work than him. Personally, I thought it was a bit cheesy, but pivotal to the plot.

Although some people enjoyed the movie, there are some who say otherwise. For example, some people believe that the Divergent franchise has gone too long enough that it is becoming boring. I respectfully disagree as I see the third installment as a way to revive the dying problem. In which throughout the series, the main problem was beginning to end, but Allegiant was a way to bring out a greater plot that will attract fans of the series.

  • Divergent series: Allegiant is followed by Divergent and Insurgent.
  • In theaters on March 18, 2016
  • Running time: 121 minutes
  • Movie Theatre:  “AMC Showplace Galewood 14”