Life Lessons learned in college

Photo Credit: Citlalli Calderon infographic on valuable life lessons learned in college

By Citlalli Calderon ’18

While in college, paying close attention in classes could be important, however, there are some lessons college students may believe would come in handy. Especially real life lessons that could be simple in order to get through real life situations. Some of these lessons could come in handy, especially after graduation when one is prepared to be independent. Although, some of these lessons are not taught in classes, but throughout the college experience, social life, or basically in everyday life activities.

There are numerous valuable life lessons that are learned in college, which may already sound familiar but could really be helpful in life: budgeting, independence, motivation, note-taking, prioritizing, who friends really are,  etc.

In budgeting,  you choose to spend your money with a purpose. It could help you by getting you out of debt. A way to manage money or how you are spending it, you would want to be cautious. There are tools online that could be helpful  to use for managing money.                                  Independence could be quite overwhelming, especially if it is the first time. However, there is nobody that will hold your hand when being in college. Also, freedom is what is important. There is nobody to tell you what to do or what not to do anymore.

Prioritizing is a thing adults may deal with in life and it is important to know how to prioritize. By making  time for some free time to set aside work and enjoy some free time. Perhaps by clearing up your schedule, or actually creating a whole different schedule by assuring yourself what must come first, what needs to get finished, or what should just set aside for later. This could be in terms of work, friends, family, etc. However prioritizing is one of the most important valuable life lessons.

Alumni Suzette Suarez, explains, “A lesson I’ve learned so far would be motivation. I didn’t learn it specifically in classes but on my own. Determination to finish my education”