Musically talented Mr. Pavloff

Mr. Pavloff with the Concert Choir Credit: Fatima Escalera

By Allan Macias ’17

Do you ever wonder why Mr Pavloff loves teaching choir? Your questions will be answered. Here is the story of Brian Pavloff. Brian Pavloff is a well-known person. He is  the choir teacher at  Pritzker College Prep.   Pavloff came to Pritzker College Prep because he  likes the culture. Pavloff did sing back in high school.   Pavloff said he was  inspired in college to teach choir. He said he loved music in general.

Pavloff’s favorite musicians are Radiohead, a rock band, and the Beatles, a well-known pop/rock group during his time. His favorite hobbies are cooking and exercising.

After interviewing  him   and  asking  him what his favorite subjects in high school were he replied,  “My favorite   subjects were science, physics, music, and literature.”

The last question was what \ his  favorite instruments he uses are. He replied  “piano and guitar.”  Pavloff enjoys being a choir teacher. His classroom is filled with students ready to start class and eager to learn new things in choir.