Online Art Gallery

Art Amino title spelled out with different art materials. Photo credit: Alondra Obispo

By Alondra Obispo ’17

Do you have awesome artwork and want recognition for it? Well, what are you waiting for!? Take the moment right now to download the Art Amino app in your mobile device. This is a must-have app for every artist. Get a chance to experience its active users, easy navigation, and art networking.

Art Amino is an online community where artists, new or experienced, come together and share their artwork. In addition, people can get any feedback on their work, review art supplies, and chat in groups discussing about art topics.

When you join this app, you will come across with a variety of blogs that are being constantly posted. During my first few days with Art Amino, there weren’t  many active users. Eventually, the community began to grow, which made my experience more pleasing.

The app is easy to navigate and organized. With one tap, you can check you profile page, which has your posts, comment wall, and bio. I was really fond of the homepage having categories of art such as watercolor, ink, markers, etc.

If you have used any other social network app, such as Deviantart or Tumblr, using Art Amino should be a breeze. It runs the feature of liking and commenting people’s work. The only difference is that this app has community guidelines.

Some users dislike that there are inactive users in Art Amino. According to a Google User in the Google Play Store review, “99% of your followers just tap it in hopes you’ll follow them. They aren’t active.” However, there is a huge fan base within Art Amino. There is so much to contribute in this nifty app.

  • Available for IOS and Android
  • Rated 12+
  • Free
  • Developed by Narvii Inc.