Informing about Soccer with Freshman Yahir Miranda

Informing about Soccer with Freshman Yahir Miranda

By Citlali Sanchez ’21

He is one of the newest Boys’ Soccer Jv team additions. He is one of the 3 Freshmen in the team this year. Here is his journey so far with the team, the expectations, and how he has been doing so far.

Yahir Miranda, he is a right defender. The one who   prevents the opposite team from scoring goals. He has been playing soccer since he was 3. He started playing at local parks. His parents got him into the sport. That they wanted all their kids to play it. Since he was the first child, he had to be the first one. Miranda stated that he liked the sport when he started but but then hated it. This was due to an accident he had. He said that while he was playing he was running for the ball and a kid from the other team got it first. The kid then proceed to kick the ball straight to Miranda’s face. He quit for about 4 years after that. He later on though got back to it at the age of 8.

Miranda asserted that when he was trying out he thought that all the guys played excellent. After he made the team he thought that they were all very friendly and welcoming. They treated him nice and he felt comfortable.  Miranda also mentioned that one of the team’s best games was their first one, which was against Muchin. All the players played very good. Somethings that they do need to work on is communication. Miranda said “some goals for the team are communication, we mostly need to focus on that cause during games we mostly lose the ball because we don’t communicate.” Sophomore Alexis Arroyo, former captain agreed with Miranda.  

Arroyo thinks that Miranda is doing great. He is putting a lot of effort and even more than half of the other players, said Arroyo. Arroyo thought at first that Miranda was a very timid player. He later on found out he was not. He said that he is very outgoing and communicates very well,  in and outside the field. He stated that he “communicates, passes the ball, he knows what to do and is very nice.” He enjoys having Miranda on the team. Some things he need to work on are keeping his head up and shifting positions when another defender goes up. What Arroyo means by that is that the defenders should always be moving around and getting a whole coverage of the field when defending the ball. This is one of the techniques they try to use, but still need work on. Miranda wants to keep working hard and said that one of his goals was to try harder and meet the coaches, teammates, and his own expectations. Besides that Miranda is doing amazing so far. Hopefully it stays like that and everything keeps going good for the Jaguars.