The Mindfulness App: Relax in a healthy way

The Mindfulness App: Relax in a healthy way

By Andrea Manon ’19

There are many apps to choose from that help you deal with stress and where you can learn and practice mindfulness. The Mindfulness App helps you in a way no other app does.

Through meditating, one can learn to relax, be conscious, and to have a positive mindset.

Creating a new habit

You can create a new habit by starting to meditate every day for only five minutes. The app helps you track the time you  meditate, and it provides you with data of your progress.

The app’s data shows you the average time you meditated and the total time you have meditated.


The Mindfulness App helps you relax by providing you with breathing and meditation exercises. The app also provides you with programs that help you stay motivated. There are different programs throughout multiple days. The app also provides  exercises specifically for teens and children. It provides you with meditation exercises that could help you relax before a test or a difficult task.

The app also contains meditations that could help you with your relationships. The practices can help you deal with anger, understanding forgiveness, and dealing with situations that disturb you. It also has meditation exercises that help you with stress. Overall, the app provides you with great ways to relax and deal with stress.

  • Price: Free
  • Available on App Store, Play Store, and Website
  • App Store rating: 4
  • Play Store rating: 4.3