Cleanse yourself with the new hand sanitizers!

The new Deb InstantFOAM hand sanitizer in a classroom.

By Chris Ticas  ’20

Recently, Pritzker College Prep has added a new feature to classrooms and hallways. The new hand sanitizers named, “Deb INSTANT FOAM,” replace the former Purell Hand Sanitizers. The former Purell ones provided a liquid texture as the new ones offer a foam disperse. In terms of sanitation, it is helpful to always stay healthy and germ-free. Although, how many students actually take into consideration the existence of these machines? For those who do, are you happy with the upgrade? Do we even need them? Do you see a purpose?

At Pritzker College Prep, the machines can be found in almost every classroom. The simple step to receive the substance is to place your hand below it. Convenient? Yes. Useful? Maybe. To two students, the new editions are somewhat noticeable.

Senior Andrew Alvarez described how he did notice the change in the type of hand sanitizers. Alvarez stated he uses them “one to three times a day.” Pretty consistent. On, the use of hand sanitizer is explained. Additionally,  it explains that “Hand sanitizers are not effective if your hands are visibly dirty.” In other words, hand sanitizer is not always the way to clean your hands if you just did something involving a lot of hand use. Alvarez stated a scenario in which he would use the hand sanitizers, “pick something up off the floor we can clean our hands and after we eat food so they aren’t sticky or dirty.” Alvarez has a point. It seems to be that he wants to maintain his hands clean, and he will use the hand sanitizers in order to fulfill that.

Sophomore Denise Jimenez is one that did not really notice the new editions of the hand sanitizers. Jimenez stated the number of times she uses them, “I use the hand sanitizers mainly every day. Often times three to four times[a  day].” Hard to not notice the new hand sanitizer when you use it a numerous amount of times. Jimenez also stated her preference for these newer ones “because since it is automatic and it is easier.” With the foam being dispersed, it can be easier to control since it is still, unlike the old generation of the hand sanitizers where an adequate amount of liquid comes out. This can then lead to spilling, and then a mess is made.

Both students do think that there is a positive aspect to having the new hand sanitizers. Hopefully, many other students make the best out of the product as it keeps them decently clean.

Overall, from both perspectives, the new hand sanitizers are a minor upgrade but an upgrade overall. Not many people like change, but here the only thing that changes is the physical part of it. For those who do it for fun, enjoy the upgrade! Although, too much of anything can and will be a problem.