Pritzker’s Cheer Team Continues To Make History

Pritzker’s Cheer Team Continues To Make History

By Hector Lopez ’19

Pritzker’s Varsity Cheer Team made history once again at the Noble Cheer Competition by winning their fifth consecutive competition on Feb. 3.

The atmosphere was intense. As all the teams prepared, the fans supported their schools showed true emotions of excitement and nervousness to see their school perform. Although it was a very tough competition, Pritzker was able to come out victorious once again. In second place, finished Noble Academy. In third place finished UIC.

Josiness Martinez, a junior, expressed her thoughts about the extraordinary afternoon, “I felt super excited as I was anxious to see us hit every stunt in our routine. I was really pumped to win first place again.” Martinez added how successful their preparation the week of the competition, “We prepared by going over our motions over and over. We did this to make sure that we were hitting each motion and knew exactly what to do for our next stunts.”

Angel Franco, a senior, also spoke about the tough but successful preparation of the team had the week before the performance, “I was re-watching all the videos of our prior performances to see what I could do differently so that we could look better as a team.” Franco also added how fast his heart was beating because of how scared he was the day of the competition. It was all worth it at the end.

First time performer Ruben Guzman, a junior, explained his thoughts and views the day of the competition, “[The competition organizers] had a projector set up so that the people could see the other teams warm up and compete. Since we were the last to go, we saw all the other teams perform, some with really good performances, so that added extra pressure [on] us.” Franco added that all the hard work and dedication they put in throughout the season was well compensated.

Pritzker, for the fifth time, finished with an outstanding season. Pritzker has been able to hold a solid team for five years in a row. Despite students graduating or leaving, the team continues to give outstanding performances.

Marisol Uribe, mother of cheerleader Kenya Uribe, a junior, thought the following about the performance, “The girls did an amazing job, even though the competition was really hard, the girls never gave up, and they gave it their all. I am really proud of the results because they ended up winning the competition.”

The Jaguars will be seeking to bring home the sixth cheer competition championship in a row next year, but they still have time to continue doing amazing preparations for that.