Pritzker at the NobleFit Institute

From right to left, Ms. Cross, Pricilla Segura, Ashley Baca, and Paula Andrade showing off their veggie tattoos at the NobleFit Institute at ITW David Speer Academy. Photo Credit: Sarah Cross

By Gisselle Vargas ‘20

On Saturday April 7, about 400 students and staff members from Noble schools all around Chicago attended the NobleFit Institute at  ITW David Speer Academy from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It was a day where students were able to workout, meet new people, take classes to learn about health, and participate in fun activities. This event started last year but was previously known as the NobleFit Expo.

Representing Pritzker were P.E teacher Sarah Cross and 11th Grade Learning Specialist teacher Pam Eggum.

Thirty-two students from Pritzker signed up, but only twenty-four actually showed up, according to Cross. “I actually thought that more people would attend,” reaffirmed Cross. Students from Pritzker could attend to receive four hours of Pritzker Fit or six hours if the student became a leader for the event. Being a leader at the event meant helping people navigate around and being there extra early, hence the extra hours. Angelica Pena and Nesly Rodriguez, sophomores, were exemplar leaders at the event. In addition to being a great help, they both received cool T-shirts because they volunteered as leaders!

When students arrived at ITW, they were to sign in and receive a lanyard. This lanyard had the person’s name on one side and the other side included the person’s schedule for the day. Not everyone did every activity offered.

Before the day started, everyone was held in the gym to be given an idea of what the day was going to consist of, and people were introduced. Additionally, there was also a special speaker who was a CrossFit participant. After this, the students were sent to their designated area and were able to start the day off full of activities.

One of the activities that was available at the event was the expo. The expo was held in a hallway and many different booths were held there- from gardeners to Pilot Light. Students were able to try different foods and plant their own vegetables to take home. Pena,for example, happily exclaimed that she “planted peppers.” On the other hand, Cross stated that her favorite part of the event was “seeing students excited about health” because it is not so often that she gets to see this. There was also a stand where students had to built a tent in the fastest way possible. Other physical activities included a boxing workout, a dance session, yoga, deadlifts, and a core workout. There were many trained people and staff members holding these sessions, each of which were about an hour long.

Besides working out, there were also classes held out like Stress Management/Emotional Wellness. Pricilla Segura, sophomore, added that she learned new helpful tips in these classes. These classes can be helpful to students in the way that they can learn something new or come out their comfort zone. The stress management class can be especially helpful because everyone there attends a Noble school.

At the end of the event, everyone met at the gym again to bring things to an end. During the closing, several raffle winners were announced- Ashley Baca,  sophomore, won a FitBit along with other students from other Noble schools. The excitement in the room could be felt by many, it was a successful day! Pena stated that she was not so confident about the event before hand, but her “view changed after meeting new people and getting to try new food!”