Preparing for the real AP Spanish test

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

There was an AP Spanish practice exam on Saturday 28, which prepares students for their official exam. This also allows students to know what level they are at and how they can better themselves at Pritzker.

As sophomore Dulce Zagal explained, “I think that the AP Spanish test went okay because I did not feel that the questions were that hard as I thought they were going to be.” Zagal took a similar test before, so she had an idea of what was coming her way, except about the part were she had to record herself. “I think the last test was easier because we did not  have to record our responses to the questions,” Zagal said.

Something new that students did was record their response at the end of the test. It was their first time doing it because they were getting used to the supplies they are going to use on the real exam.

Guadalupe Flores, a sophomore, said, “I think the test went well because I had taken a test like this before.” Flores was really confident about the test because Spanish is her primary language. “I found [it] challenging doing the recording section because everyone was speaking at the same time,” Flores said.

Flores stated how she felt on the upcoming test, “I feel nervous because I wanted to do very well and want to get a good score on the test.” Similarly, Zagal explained, “I actually feel nervous because I don’t know how I am going to do especially the part we are going to record our responses.” Students feel nervous about the future test that they are going to have to take. They are pressured in the way that they have to get a minimum score of three and up in order to receive college credit.

Many students are feeling all different types of ways knowing that the real exam is the one that decides on whether they get college credit or not. Some students believe that the assignments they get are not helpful, “I do not think that the assignments have helped because the assignments he (Williams) has given us are not similar to the one he gives in our class,” stated Zagal.

The test started from 8:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. They only had a five minute break in between.