Binge Watch on a Waitlist

Pretty Little Liars on paused due to the amount of homework during the weekdays.

By Stephania Flores ’20

“One more episode and then I will start…” One hour later and still “One more episode.” You check the time. “Oh My God- it is getting late and I haven’t even started on my homework.”

The more that time passes, the more you want to watch. It feels like you are stuck in a hole that you can’t get out of. Also known as your couch or bed. Watching all these shows can be  expressed as a sigh of relief after a busy day at work or school, but being there for hours can also distract you from other priorities, such as doing chores, doing homework, or maybe going outside. How can you manage to continue watching?

Some people may have experience being addicted to a show. It first starts off with a few episodes, then it goes to a couple of 20 episodes until it becomes watching multiple seasons, or even watching the grand finale. Without people noticing, you have to spend a whole day watching what has now become one of your favorite shows.

With Netflix and Hulu now available to watch your shows at any time, people have easy access to watch their favorite shows all the time, or whenever they are available; however, if you are a student, especially a Pritzker student who sometimes gets more than three hours of homework every day, it is hard to continue watching those shows on the weekdays. You have to wait until the weekend to watch any show you miss. If your show is on air currently, then you have to wait until Netflix or Hulu uploads that episode. Or continue watching Netflix, Hulu, or any platform that you watch your show.

Leslie Bustos, a junior, who watches Law and Order SVU said that she watches her show during the weekends because homework during a school night intervenes with her enjoying her favorite show. Many students may relate to the same situation as Bustos. Students have so much homework and have to put their show on the side just to not get a zero or a Lasalle the next day.

Another student, who can relate to Bustos, is Guadalupe Flores, a sophomore, because she also said that homework gets in the way from her enjoying Riverdale, which is currently airing at the moment. It must be hard sometimes to not even have a chance to watch it because of school. Flores revealed that she will watch her shows during the weekdays if she has time and also that she tries to get her homework done early to at least catch an episode. But that must mean that she has to manage her time to watch these show.

Even if she has time to manage her homework, sometimes there are other things that come along the way. For example, chores, family, friends, or other plans or emergencies. Then in the weekend, it is time to spend with family and finish homework that was assigned during the weekend. So there is not enough time to just sit down and watch an episode.

However, if these plans that come along at the very last minute do not bother you, then it is fine as long as you have fun that is what matters. But you still want to enjoy an episode of your favorite show, especially if it is airing, such as Riverdale. This is a struggle because you have to wait until the season comes on Netflix or Hulu, Amazon video, Sling Tv or maybe you record the episode to watch it later.

But school days are almost over, and there will be plenty of time to binge watch all of your favorite shows and watch new shows. So just wait. Summer is around the corner, and you can sit down or lay down and watch an episode, episodes, or seasons. With food, a blanket, or air conditioner by your side. Maybe in your room or living room. Enjoy it while you can.