Advice from 2015 seniors

By Erica Jaramillo ’17, Lizbeth Marquez ’17, and Suzette Suarez ’17

Ruth Rivera: Don’t get overwhelmed. Turn homework and projects in on time.  Don’t be scared to disagree with your college counselor. Remember that this is your future and your education. You are in complete control.

Richard Debo: Make sure you visit the colleges you’re applying to.

Olga Santoyo: All you need to remember is that the harder you work now, the less you will have to worry about later.

Milagros Brito: Don’t procrastinate. Keep schools in mind starting now.

Alexis Olivares : Prioritize your big projects like the senior research project so you stress less later.

Yanelys Gonzalez: Don’t be afraid to call and bug the college on your application because you cannot get accepted to college if they do not have all your supplements to your college applications.

Vania Marquez: Check your email constantly.

Mendim Callahan: Take both cost and your interests into consideration when you apply. If you want a large school in a rural area, go for it; you’ll be there for four more years, so you should feel comfortable with it. Also, try and get on campuses for colleges you’re seriously considering! This may help narrow down your options when it comes time to decide.

Jasmin Nolasco: Visit as many colleges as possible! It’ll help you narrow down what kind of college is right for you.

Jalen Pacheco: My biggest piece of advice is to procrastinate as little as possible when applying for college because then the chances on you making any crucial mistakes or rash decisions will decrease immensely.

Antonio Rios: My advice for the the underclassmen would be to improve from what you were. There is always room to improve from your old you.

Andres Sanchez: My advice would be to really take your time on the essays, research each school carefully, and be willing to take extra time to provide the best application. I would also advise not to be afraid of applying to a reach school. Having a good GPA and ACT is the first step, but standing out in a pool of applicants is just as important.

Soco E. Romero: Make sure you know the deadlines and do not procrastinate. The faster you get it done, the less stress that will be built.

Giselle Quezada: Apply to as many scholarships as you can.

Esmeralda Santillanes: My advice for applying to college is to choose a college that you are interested in, not what your parents think, not what your friends think, but what you think. Lastly, do everything ahead of time.

Karin Aleman: Never leave things for the last minute. Take everything seriously because college applications are a serious thing.

Kimberlin Ruiz: Think about your college decision wisely. When you are planning on which colleges you will be applying to, make sure they are colleges that you would actually consider. Pick the college that is most outstanding to you not because your friends are going there but because you know you will succeed in that college. The senior counselors are amazing, but don’t go to a college that you’re not happy to go to. At the end of the day, it’s your  decision and you’re going to be the one paying for it, not them. Good luck!

Maria Trejo: When you apply to a college, remember that you don’t automatically have to attend there. You have more options, and don’t let anyone tell you where you go because they’re not the ones paying. At the end of the day, you choose where to go.

Yezenia Sandoval: I understand applying to colleges, but make sure to revise your essays thoroughly and do not leave them until the last minute. Also, visit as many colleges as you can before you start applying to them to see if you could see yourself there for the next four years.

Michelle Lopez: Don’t be afraid to take a challenge. It’s better to take risks than to be a boring person.

Nicholas Rivera: Do not panic when coming into senior year, but also do not get too comfortable. There will be tons of essays at the beginning of the year that you will become sick of writing them. Just make sure you stay organized. If you do not stay on track with your work, you will struggle. Just begin with the end in mind, which is graduation , and when you come to this point of the school year where I’m at, you will feel relieved. how overwhelming it can be