JV Ladies Face Walter Payton on the Field

By Perla Flores ’19

Pritzker JV girls soccer team faces their first game against Walter Payton in a friendly match at Riss Park on March. 16.

Play by Play

As soon as the clock hit 6p.m. the whistle blew and the game began. Pritzker ladies struggle throughout the game but kept pushing. It was a very cold afternoon but the match continued. Walter Payton giving all their effort on the field. Similarly, the lady Jaguars running for the ball and taking any possible shot.

It was a rough match for Pritzker ladies. They lost the game 0-5 but gave all their effort on the field. Soccer player, junior Oralia Olascoaga explained, “The game was intense and I could have done better.” It was noticeable that the lady Jaguars were struggling on the field. They lost control of the ball at some points and missed shots.


When asked if the score reflected the team’s effort Olascoaga explained, “I feel like the score did reflect our effort because for the first half of the game it felt like we weren’t trying. Once the second half started there was a change ad you could see that we actually put our minds to what we were doing.” In agreement, soccer player and junior, Melissa Catalan also explained that the team could have done better.

Is there room for improvement?

In anything you do, there is always room for improvement. When asked if there was anything the players wanted to improve on, Catalan stated, “We are all going to keep practicing  hard.” Practicing is an essential part of any sport. Olascoaga also has a personal goal: “I want to improve on being a better goalie and calling my defense.” Being a goalie can be huge task. Sometimes you feel really pressured because you want your team to win and you have to pay a lot of attention so the opponent does not score on you.

Whats Next?

A team always looks forward to winning each and every game. Last year, the JV girls soccer team took the Noble Athelic Conference championship and this season everyone is rooting for the ladies to take that championship again. Consequently, one of the teams major expectations is to win as many games possible so that they can make it to finals and possibly win the championship again. Olascoaga explained, “This season I expect a lot of hard work and hopefully get to championships.” Catalan added, “As a team we all expect another win.”

For this reason the team is going to practice hard and give all their effort on the field. Although they didn’t win this game, there are many more games to come and we will all be rooting for the team and always supporting. It’s a loss that will motivate the team to keep striving for the win they deserve.