Jake Paul: The most hated youtuber

A variety of Jake Paul's videos

By Atziri Tapia ’19

You find yourself scrolling down the home screen section on Youtube and find either a Jake Paul recommended video or a drama video exposing him. Jake Paul over the last year has been one of the most criticized youtuber as of early of 2016. This is due to the content he shows in his videos, such as inappropriate pranks, misleading video titles, and obscene drama he creates.

As of today Paul has over 10 million subscribers and reaching more than two billion views. Jake Paul’s career began when he started posting videos on Vine. The doors opened  up for him when he was assigned a role on a Disney TV show called Bizaardvark. Now as a former Disney actor, Paul began his Youtube channel with Team 10, which are members that create Youtube videos and vlogs.

The young Youtuber has made over 333 vlogs and of those Paul has shared pranks with the viewers. The pranks consists of crashing cars, lighting firecrackers, jump scares, stolen objects, etc. But one video caught my eye titled “Sexual Taser Prank”. Throughout the video Paul and his friends are setting up the prank. The prank is aimed at  Erika Costell. I wasn’t pleased with the fact that a young woman in a bikini was surrounded by guys and forced to go through electrocution shots. Furthermore, there was another video titled, “Kissing Contest..(Me vs. Dad)” was one of the most disgusting videos to be seen. Paul’s dad kisses a young girl which will make you feel uncomfortable to watch.

The viewer knows that Youtube is known for its clickbait titles. However, Jake Paul over does it. Every single video is titled with alternative facts to get the person to watch the video.  Yes you know that’s a way to get the viewers attention and gain views, but it’s lousy of him to try to get views in that form. When I wanted to watch a video that looked interesting it wouldn’t be what I was expecting.

Jake Paul has been in different amounts of drama. This makes him look as one of the most annoying and dishonest person. Yes there’s always two sides of the story, but Paul adds on exaggerating information. Making him have problems with other youtubers.

Although he is hated, most teenargs enjoy his content. Paul helps out people in need or makes his fan’s dreams come true, but this doesn’t hide the fact that Jake Paul is not fit to be followed  by young teens.  

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