Girls’ JV Soccer team takes the W against Muchin!

JV Girls’ soccer confronting Muchin in a rainy game at Humboldt Park.

By Perla Flores ’19

The JV girls’ soccer team takes the win 2-0 against Muchin, on March 25 at Humboldt Park. The Jaguar girls’ confronted the Muchin girls’ in a tough but successful game.

Cloudy day, cold wind, but the game was still on. At 10 a.m. the clouds were pouring down with rain but the game had to continue. The girls’ faced game 2 of the season against Muchin. The game was tough, but the results were worth it. The team put in all its effort despite the rain and weather conditions. They played a good match and won 2 to 0 thanks to the effort that all the girls put in.

Lesly Silva, a player of the team and owner of the two goals scored explained: “I think the game went good for the most part. I definitely think every single player gave it their all on the field. We were all taking the ball, controlling, communicating, and spreading out despite of the rain. I was pretty proud of the outcome.” Silva along with the other girls are playing really good. The team is united and giving its all Silva explained, “I believe the team is becoming stronger and more united, overall. […] we work as a team and encourage each other. As a team, we have implemented this positive mindset of unity and effort.” So far this season they’ve played and won 2 out of the 2 games, looks like they are off to a good start.   

Although the team is doing really good, there is always room for improvement, “The only thing that was challenging for us as a team were the corner kicks. However, the more we practice, the better we will get at them” Silva explained.

During the game the girls were falling, getting hurt, and one even started bleeding from her nose, but the girls continued playing and giving their everything on the field like any passionate player would. Despite the rain, moms’, families, and supporters were present. There was few people because of the rain but the vibe they gave out was immense and comforting to the girls’.

“During the game, I felt a bit nervous and anxious. Nervous because it was my first time being on the field in a while and anxious because I did not know what to expect with the rain, which makes it hard to control the ball,” explained Silva when she was asked what her feelings were during the game. We couldn’t leave out how Silva, the narrator of the two goals, felt: “Scoring the 2 goals, I felt accomplished as a player and us, as a team. As a player because I’ve worked hard to become the player I am today. As a team because I have witnessed the time and effort my teammates have put and how they execute it during practice and on the field.” She seems proud of what she and the team as a whole has accomplished, we hope to see the team accomplish many more things because they are capable of anything and everything.