AP World sessions

AP World History textbook, which students use to get their information from.

By Laura Ocampo ’20

The school year is coming to an end, and AP World History students have to prepare for their AP exam. As a way to help students prepare, AP World History teachers Charles Rosentel and Bryan Williams have provided AP sessions.

You are probably wondering what are these AP sessions? “AP World sessions are reviewing old periods that we learned in the past. They’re always new materials and events that we are confused on” explained sophomore Denise Jimenez, who is in AP World. Similarly, Sophomore Andrea Garcia, who is in AP World, explained how they recap important details like the falls of many dynasties throughout ancient times.

Students learn a lot of information throughout the year which students may tend to forget. These sessions will help the AP students remember what they have learned at the beginning of the school year.

Garcia explained if students choose to go to 15 sessions, they won’t have to take the AP final. If students struggle, this is a good alternative for them since they will not have to take the AP final.

These AP sessions take place on Thursday mornings or on Saturday mornings. The Saturday sessions take up to two hours of just reviewing. Students can also go on Wednesdays, which is the World History office hours, to help them and review with their peers.

Jimenez stated that she does not go very often because she is very busy. She is on the soccer team, but she still hopes to go to 15 sessions.

Sophomore Jennifer Segura, who is in AP World History, stated how these sessions will help her remember what they have learned throughout the year. Segura goes to the Thursday sessions but does not really go to the Saturday ones. She still hopes to complete the 15 sessions.

Both Segura and Garcia explained how the AP World History teachers have provided Albert.io, which as an online website where they can take practice quizzes. If students do Albert.io, it would count towards hours for the sessions. For example, students have to complete 1,000 points in order for it to count for an hour of a review session. Just in case students can not go to many of the review sessions, they always have Albert.io to help them out.  

The AP World History students will still take the regular Advanced Placement World History exam to get their college credit. So by the time their exams come, AP World History students will be ready to take them as they have practiced for the past month.

Like Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”