All About the Burns

Mr. Burns reads the October issue of the Pritzker Press Credit: Katie Curtin

Ron Burns has worked at Pritzker for six years. His everyday routine consists of opening the doors to Pritzker at 5:30 a.m. and letting the students know when to go up to their classes in the morning and at lunch. The students see him do this task constantly, but what else does he do while we are in class?

Burns protects everybody inside the building and lets parents and sponsors inside the building, directing them where to go. He does home visits with the social worker, Catherine Marquard. He also coaches the girls’ basketball team here at Pritzker.

Burns was asked share five fun facts about himself; he had to think about them for a bit. He finally said, “I am a family person, I have a great sense of humor, I’m black, I like to go anywhere children can go, and my favorite food is lemon pie.”

Burns loves working with children, and the reason why he decided to work at Pritzker. “I like working with children… not little kids but teenagers.”

Burns grew up in the west side of Chicago. “When I was younger, my dream was to be a truck driver because I love trucks,” said Burns. He loved his childhood, “My childhood was great. I had both parents in the house,” stated Burns.

He views himself as a teacher of life.

He loves working with his mom, Marilyn Burns. He cheerfully said, “I love it. I get to see her six out of seven days of the week.”  

Mr. Burns has made great contributions to Pritzker. He has impacted many of the students lives and continues to be a role model for them.

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