What percentage are students passing or failing community service?

What percentage are students passing or failing community service?

By Yaneet Rodriguez ’18

Look for a place, schedule appointment, get the yellow sheet, fill in what you know, do your hours, have the supervisor fill in their part, write your reflection, get it stamped in the office, and you are done with your hours. Or are you?

Every year and every semester, Pritzker students are required to turn their community service sheet in order to receive credit.

If you turn in your community service sheet the “Wednesday after the service has been performed” it won’t be accepted. To any student that fails in completing their community service hours, they “will be required to take a class in the summer or during night school.”

Some students go to different places to do their hours and get them done, but that defies the point of the reflection and on what they want in the future as their future job.

Freshman class

The total number of freshmen is 294, out of the total there’s a 22.45% that are done with their semester hours that are due each semester, and 6.80% are done for the year.

Sophomore class

The total number of sophomores is 290. Out of the total, there’s 31.30% of those who are done for the semester, by Jan. 10, and 1.03% of those who are done for the year, which are due by May 30, 2018.

Felipe Landa, a sophomore stated, “I feel like Kidslife Daycare helped me find what type of career I want in the future because I love working with kids.” Due to him doing his community service hours at Kidslife Daycare, he was able to realize what he wanted to pursue in life as well as get credit for hours.

Junior class

The total number for the junior class is 217. From that, 17.51% are done for the semester, and 5.53% that are done for the year.

Senior class

The total number of seniors is 209.  Similarly, 20.57% are done for the year. Seniors are required to do 20 hours by Jan. 10, 2018.

According to Isabel Zavala, a senior, her community service “is not focus on the career I want.” She would go every first Saturday of every month at Peer Jury at the 25th district police station.

Advice to students that are lacking in doing community service hours

“Some students say that they like the place they do their hours and others say that they don’t. If you don’t like it go and find a different place that is something you would like to go back.” stated Brian Salgado, a sophomore.

According to Griselda Jimenez, sophomore, “They [students] should work hard because it’s something that is required for college, and doing community service can be fun if you can make it fun.

According to Jahson Galvan, a sophomore, “Doing community service is worth the time to do because you feel great in helping others in need ,and you would want to them to succeed in life.”