Summer of a Lifetime: College Opportunities

A program in Pritzker. Photo Credit: Zitlalith Cortes

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

Sophomore students have the opportunity to take summer college classes through the Summer of a Lifetime program.

Every student in Summer of a Lifetime goes to a different type of college based on the college they want to go. They also have to pay fees and some of them have to even sell tickets to pay their fees and be able to go. Selected students are chosen because of their incredible high GPA that show on how hard they have worked since freshman year.

Jonathan Rodriguez explained, “I am planning on taking a college program in Sports Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.” Rodriguez’s choice to go to this university is based off the career that he wants in the future. “This opportunity would help me in the future because it would give me the opportunity to not only experience college life, but also help me in the deciding factor about what I am going to major in college,” Rodriguez said.

Students are having the opportunity to visit the college related to their future career. It is a way to have an idea how college works.  

Sophomore Frida Arroyo stated, “I am planning to go to Harvard over the summer. I am extremely excited to go to Harvard because I want to take a philosophy class to get the general list of the material,” Arroyo said.

The college class load and the high school load is different. Rodriguez stated, “What I am expecting to do is to take classes everyday and do activities with the school, obviously. But I also expect to travel around the city and explore a place I never been before.” Similarly, Arroyo had the same thought, “I am expecting to become well informed of other careers in the area of my knowledge to find a job that seeks my complete interest and devotion.”

Both students explain on  why Summer of a Lifetime was an excellent choice to join. Arroyo stated, “I saw a future to visit the school of my choice in which offers a variety of programs ranging from international business and coding classes.” Equally, Rodriguez stated, “What made me join is that I wanted to get a feel of what it was like to go to college and live on campus to prepare myself for the real thing. I also wanted to get some experience in Sports Medicine to see if that is something I actually wanted to do in the future or not.”