Start of Semester Two

This is a students grades so far from the start of this semester.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

It is the week after finals, the week where all grades are entered for Report Card Pick Up, and the week where you start off with straight A’s. That is right! You guessed it! It is the start of Semester two.

Students would expect to keep pleasant grades until the end of the year. However, what happens when there is an upcoming quiz? Quiz grades can have an impact on your straight A’s grades whether it is awful or wonderful. These impacts can be lowering one’s grade down. Nayeli Hernandez, a sophomore, stated, “I will prepare myself [for quizzes], my grades are how they are because I have not been studying for quizzes or tests, now I see how they affect me.”

Citlali Calderon, a senior, stated that she will study for upcoming quizzes.

Both students will give their best in quizzes and tests in order to maintain decent grades. A question one may ask is what are these students recent grades.

Hernandez stated that her overall grades recently are not where she wishes them to be, but she still has time to get higher and better grades.

Calderon stated, “[At] the start of semester two, I feel a bit overwhelmed because my grades aren’t that great as they usually are.”

These two students still have the opportunity to get the grades they want, so they are satisfied with them.

At the end of each semester, students expect to have the grades they want in order to maintain a strong GPA that they are delighted with. Calderon stated, “I expect to have better grades than I did semester one which [was] not so great. I want to be able to receive an honor roll certificate.”

Hernandez stated, “Last semester I finished with all A’s and one C. For this semester, I expect to have some B’s, mostly A’s, and the same C.”

For some students, their grades are not as good because many things were changed from first semester such as how class work is graded. For both of these students, they want to be able to end with wonderful grades and not with the same grades they had.

They want to be able to better than first semester due to the fact that it is the last semester of the year.

Students may want a technique to keep up their grades instead of them decreasing. If students follow the techniques of maintaining the grades they want, then they have to take advice from other students that may have more experience or harder classes.

Calderon said, “Students need to keep track of their grades and focus on classes you have a low grade in.”

Similarly, Hernandez said that students need to study for quizzes, try doing as many extra credit opportunities as possible, and try your best on homework.

The thing that students may want to know is that someone’s learning is much more important as a quote once said, “Focus more on learning than grades.”