Senior Library Day

By David Juarez ’16,

Omar Marquez ’16, and Esmeralda Rodriguez ’16

On Friday Feb.26, while the rest of the Pritzker students  was at school taking a practice ACT,  the  seniors met up with their mentors at the Harold Washington Library to get feedback  and receive help on their senior projects. Every senior has a specific topic they are writing about. The topic of their 10 page paper is chosen based on their own preferences they chose from with the help of their mentors.

Attending the library is mandatory, seniors  have to attend their appointment if not they will get a detention. In those 15 minutes, seniors have to show their mentor what they have written and the mentor will help them figure out what is useful or how to make their paper better. Many students believe that it is worth it,  others think it’s just a waste of time. It’s time consuming to get to the library because it’s all the way in downtown and it’s frustrating to only end up being there for 15 minutes.

Senior projects are preparing students for college because eventually, they will have big assignments like these and they will be on their own and  nobody will guide them on how to complete big assignments like these.  Senior Sandra Mizhquiri, said, “I find this meeting very helpful I get excellent advice from my mentor, but I also get to improve my own paper and make it stronger.”   Professors in college will only give students a date when their assignments would be due it is your own responsibility to take ownership and complete them on time if you do not want to fail a semester.

Many students also use the library day as a day to get things done and work on their projects after they meet with their mentors. The library has all the necessary resources to expand and make their paper compelling which is very helpful.  

Many students believe that the library day is a waste of time. Senior Odalys Aguilar said, “ Why go all the way downtown for 15 minutes and not get enough feedback. There are advantages of this  library day you just have to  “know how to use your time wisely.

Raheem Rafiqi ’16 added “I like that we don’t have school and we get to go out with our friends but at the same time work on something productive. I also think it’s kind of a waste of time to go to downtown when we could just meet up with our mentors at Pritzker.”