Pritzker students attend Activities Fair

Pritzker students at the Activity fair looking at clubs to join for this school year. Photo credit: Katie Curtin

By Brian Serna ’19 and Atziri Tapia ’19

Students at Pritzker attended and collaborated at the Activities Fair in the lunchroom and gym during advisory. Students took a  look at any sports or clubs they might want to join for the semesters in order to gain enrichment credit.

While at the Activities Fair, there were different set ups for the different clubs and sports for the students to take a look and sign their name on a piece of paper if the student were interested. The booth would tell the students what was expected of the club or sport and when the club or sport are going to meet.

The club Snowball was in the Activities Fair and its representative was Samantha Santiago, a sophomore student, who mentioned that she first joined Snowball Club because it was a way for her not to be stressed out about school and helped her get good grades. Santiago also mentioned that Snowball helped her stop thinking about negative thoughts Santiago added, “With all the rules, it’s hard to show your individuality. Snowball is a way to be yourself. A perfectly safe environment to be yourself.” Snowball club meets in the mornings every Thursday, October through March.

Another club was the Ethics and Current Affairs Club. The representative was Ruben Guzman, a sophomore student. Guzman stated that in this club he learns about news and what happens around the world that is important to know. Guzman believes this club is a good opportunity to join in because he believes this club could make a person a good global citizen.

Coding Club is another club students can join. Maria Orduno, a senior student, said coding is like learning a new language and is something many people can’t understand, such as the digits and numbers. Orduno also mentioned that Coding Club is an online course and is a new club that started this year. During the Activities Fair, there were some first timers having a look around. Crystal Barrera, a freshman student, stated that this was her first time being in an Activities Fair and would like to join the Art club, because she enjoys painting and drawing but still wanted to look around if another club interested her. Nayeli Hernandez, a freshman student, is looking forward to join the Film Club or the Chicago Cultural Club this semester.

LGBT is another club that students can join, and is about helping to know yourself and trusting others. Anybody would be able to join and students shouldn’t be scared to join because everyone will be in a safe environment and no one would be getting judged by anyone else about their sexuality or anything. LGBT could also be outside of school and go somewhere else, for example like last year they went downtown.

Beats is another club that is available for students to join and it’s about learning how to use instruments. There is no experience needed when joining because it’s all about having fun and learning something new. Beats will meet on Tuesdays from 4-5:30 p.m. Since Beats is a relatively new club, there is not much in it at the moment but as the club progresses, it should start to expand.

The Card Game Club (TCG) is a club where anyone of any level can join and play either Pokemon, Magic, or Yu-gi-oh!. Anyone of any level can join and if they do not know how to play any of the games they can be taught how to play and grow as a player from there. The club will be held on Monday and Thursday from 4-5 p.m.  after school.

From the many clubs there are some new clubs that have been added to the list. Some of the new clubs that would be available are Glam club, which is a club to help teach how to improve makeup or hair styles and other beauty tips that students might find helpful. Any one of any grade level would be able to join the club and possibly improve more that they already know. Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) is also a new club that has been added. In MMA, students focus on improving physical and mental conditioning. The club will meet on or off the school campus so it won’t always be at school where they meet, they may go to other places. Drama Club is also a new club that has been added. In drama, students will be learning how to perform a great show and help each other  with performance and helping each other improve.

In the end most of the students have found a club or sport that they enjoy and are most likely to join that club or sport, or have another chance next school year to choose from many of the clubs the school provides.