Ms. Budzon leaving next school year

Ms. Budzon leaving next school year

Rosalia Lopez ’18

By next year, a very special person is leaving Pritzker College Prep. Gabrielle Budzon, an IB, Honors, and Regulars Biology teacher and a Head Volleyball and Softball coach, announced via email on Jan. 22  that she will be leaving Pritzker by the next school year to move to Nashville.

In the email Budzon sent to her junior classes she expressed that “the hardest part about this transition will be leaving you guys, especially those of you I have taught for multiple years, but I know I will be back a lot, especially for your big senior events such as graduation.”

Budzon first started teaching at Pritzker in August 2014 and started teaching as a sophomore Chemistry teacher; eventually, she moved to teach Biology to the junior class as this school year started.

Budzon has also been involved in sports since she is the coach of the volleyball and softball team for girls. She stated that she was going to leave, but was going to miss being the coach of these sports because “it made the day go alot faster.”  During the interview Budzon also stated that she will be teaching general science in seventh and eighth grade in  a charter school, called KIPP located in Nashville.

In reaction to Budzon leaving, there was a lot of sadness from the students she has taught for already two years and from her advisory, the Budzon/Corvino advisory. Junior  Yancy Alvarenga, who has Budzon as a Biology teacher expressed, “I was surprised and sad when Ms. Budzon announced that she was leaving next year, I have had her as a teacher for two years already and I will miss her.” Junior  Nadia Roa expressed her reaction by stating, “ I feel very sad because her class is really fun and she is very nice.” In general, Budzon leaving brought  heartbroken reactions to her students and co-workers since Budzon is a very loved teacher.

In the end, Budzon said that she was going to keep everyone of her students posted if there was other news of her departure. In addition, in an email sent to her students she explained that she was open to further discuss with her students about her move to Nashville, Tennessee. Budzon also wrote in an email that “I ALWAYS have your backs, and I’m here for whatever – rec letters, references, advice, lame jokes, etc.”

To conclude, the departure of Budzon was not planned, it was unexpected and she will be greatly missed by staff at Pritzker and by students who she has taught and even  students who she has never teached. You will be greatly missed Ms. Budzon!