Life goals with Anakaren

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Alonso Flores ’20  

In order to become a successful and determined student or person overall, a lot goes into it. First, you have to be self-driven and motivated. Second of all, you have to be ambitious and take risks. This Pritzker College Prep student has shown how to do so while being a good example for many individuals. Anakaren Bahena, a senior, is Editor-in-Chief for the Pritzker Press. Bahena has a lot to express about Pritzker and how it has helped her become the person she is today. At first, Bahena was forced to go to Pritzker, she said “my parents forced me to go because I had an older sibling attending at Pritzker.” This might have not been her first option but she did not regret it later on in life stating “I don’t regret it I ended up enjoying Pritzker.” By staying at Pritzker, Bahena has become open minded and optimistic about the school helping her be more risk taking as well as helping her become a leader in her classes. Bahena feels that Pritzker has given her a lot of opportunities academically and as a person but Bahena does feel like certain things need to be changed, she states, “There are things that still need change but every year changes are made.”

Even though she feels the school needs to have changes there is which benefit her and other peers. She has a couple of long term goals that Pritzker has helped guide her on the right path she states “Have a degree and make my parents proud.” Anakaren Bahena is a hardworking student that has been involved in Pritzker. She has also been an active member in the community. Esmeralda Arroyo, a senior, that has known Bahen for a while says “Karen is a smart amazing person and super smart when it comes to Journalism. I am proud to see how far she has got from sophomore year and now.” She has grown as a person and fellow peers have also noticed this change as well. This is the perspective of Anakaren view on Pritzker and how she has grown, through her years as a Pritzker student this could also relate to any students that feel the same way.

Bahena has done a lot since her sophomore year at Pritzker since she joined journalism she has become chief in editor for The Pritzker Press and leads other students on a pass to be successful. Even though her experience at Pritzker has fluctuated over time from disliking it at the start to appreciating what the school has done for her. Anakaren has set an example for young student coming into Pritzker and in general. Stay focused and could you could go down a bright path that leads to success Anakaren Bahena sets a great example of this. For example, she joined Journalism sophomore year of highschool and over time she has become extremely good at this certain subject and has advanced through the ranks and has become chief in editor for the Pritzker Press. New students could follow this example she has set and become successful.