Finals are coming

Miguel Diaz working on his college work.

By Monica Soto ’20

Finals are coming up and they can be stressful, so it’s a good idea to prepare for them. Getting ready for finals can be hard if you prepare at the last minute. Students can be more proactive with their time and go to office hours.

To start, be more proactive and optimistic about finals. Instead of groaning about finals, try to look on the bright side by encouraging yourself. Tell yourself that you can make it through the test. Don’t  stress so much, instead think of how amazing you will feel after finals. Lastly, turn off your phone to focus better when testing. Freshmen Priscila Ortega stated, “I go to office hours because I sometimes don’t get anything at all in class.” Many students may think that office hours are not worth it, but it could mean the difference between an A or C on a final exam. Students could take advantage of the opportunity that is given before it is too late. Ortega will see that all of her hard work will pay off when finals come. All students can and should do the same if they want an awesome grade.

Going to office hours may not help, but a good night of sleep and health can help you forces more in class. In gym, teachers always inform students that a healthy body is important. Students also need healthy food so that they are not distracted by the grumbling of their stomachs in class. Jazmin Tello, a sophomore thought that she barely gets enough sleep but “I do try to eat healthy when I can.” So maybe Tello is right on how students at Pritzker don’t get enough sleep. Well, students can go to study hard to finish it there at school. As for eating healthier, it is on the students. At school, they’re healthy meals that are healthy. But what you eat at home is on you. Making smarter decisions on what time to sleep and eat makes an impact on you in class.

Students go to sleep at late hours to do homework. What students should do is put down their phones if they have to do their homework. Having your phone out can distract you a lot when doing your homework. Putting all your devices away and only using them when necessary to work can help a lot. Jennifer Roman a sophomore at Pritzker thought, “I do use my phone a lot when doing my homework.” She also catches herself scrolling through Instagram or on Youtube. It could even be with video games that could be distracting some as well. Turning the devices off will help you focus in class.

As finals are approaching, just try to push through because they will end soon. You can always get some help from your teachers. Having a good meal and sleep will make you focus more in class to learn. Lastly, be proactive by turning off your phone or mobile device.