Dokkan Battle: Entertaining Card Game

Main screen of the app. Photo Credit: Jonathan Orihuela

By Jonathan Orihuela ’20

Dragon Ball Z “Dokkan Battle” is an exciting mobile card game with extraordinary graphics and is an enjoyable experience while playing along with the compatibility of the game is unexpected.

“Dokkan Battle” has the best graphics you’ll ever see in a game. The graphics are very crisp and clear. Have terrible WiFi? No problem, the graphics will still look amazing. You will never see the game with unsatisfying graphics. While the graphics are amazing, the experience is even better. Collecting cards and building a stronger deck is fascinating. However, defeating an enemy is the most satisfying part of the game. The game is not only compatible with your phone, but also your computer.

However, when the internet is really bad, there would eventually be lag like in any other game. Other than that, the graphics won’t be affected in any way.

When you are creating a deck in the game, you need to make sure to look at the characters information and ability to make the team stronger. Once you have created your deck you head towards the “Challenge” section to fight strong opponents. I would recommend this section due to the fact that you earn a better reward like awakening medals and support items for winning a match.

The game is not only for IOS and Android but also for Mac and PC. In Android, it takes more space than in IOS. In addition, for PC and Mac, you need to download it, too. I wouldn’t really recommend it for Mac nor PC because there is a possibility of you getting a virus.

Some people might say that this game is not worth downloading due to the fact that it is a card game and people would find it boring. On the contrary, I would disagree with that because once you start to get the hang of the game you are going to start getting attached.

  • Free game
  • For Android, IOS, Mac, and PC
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Category- PUZZLE