Alderamin on the Sky: The Invincible Lazy General


Picture of Anime. Photo credit: Zayalize Garcia

By Zayalize Garcia ’17

“Alderamin on the Sky” is an amazing anime show to watch because you can genuinely connect with the characters. The art and animation is marvelous and beautiful. The voice of the actors fit perfectly  with the characters and the character designs are simply fantastic.

The Katjvarna Empire has declared war on the Republic of Kioka. Lkuta becomes a high grade military officer against his will when he saves the princess after she got stranded on an island after almost drowning in the ocean. Known as a lazy womanizer, he eventually becomes the hero everyone needs, as he uses highly advanced military battle formations and scientific reasoning to conquer the enemy. At 17 years old, he is given the name of “Great Commander” and the title of “Imperial Order of Knights.” Though he lacks physical strength and motivation, he is admired by his fellow companions, especially when he becomes a Lieutenant.

Unlike most male leading anime characters, Lkuta is not amazingly powerful or extremely weak. He is weak in strength, yet strong in mind, which makes him easy to understand because most people aren’t super strong nor brilliantly intelligent. There is a reasonable background story about lkuta that is sad, yet not exaggerated. The fighting scenes are sensational and vibrant. I thought it was very unique that people used hand to hand combat instead of only using guns to fight. The anime is very well written so that the plot is easily to follow, however, it does give us a lot of suspense on what Lkuta will do next and what new strategies will he come up with. I love how the story focus on other characters and how Lkuta interacts with them: learning  the reasons why Lkuta treats people the way he does. Lkuta makes the show interesting and suspenseful which is why I enjoyed watching it.

The storyline is simple, yet engaging. It’s a great anime to watch with friends, family, or by yourself. I fully enjoyed the show and hope they make a second season. The show is a must see and I highly recommend it.


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  • 13 episode total, Status: Complete, 1 season
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Manga: ongoing