Zo’s Born 2 Ball Album: Trash or Fire?

One of the songs featured on the Born 2 Ball album. Photo Credit: Alexander Correa

By Alexander Correa ’18

Who is Lonzo Ball?

Los Angeles Lakers star and rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, most famously known for his unorthodox shooting form, dropped an album called “Born to Ball” on Feb 15.

Zo was a highly scouted collegiate NCAA player who began to write and perform a few songs that featured composer DC the Don. Entering the NBA, Zo released more songs eventually leading to the album.

What is the story behind the album?

Zo created this album and the songs to describe his life. Some of Lonzo’s lyrics may seem like he is boasting, but if you have ever seen Lonzo in person or seen any of his interviews, he can be seen as a guy with few words and very humble.

Analyzing the bars

Some lyrics from his songs are as followed: “New Crib hella spacious, inside elevators” (LAML)- which is true since Lonzo Ball’s new home in Chino Hills, CA is worth five million dollars and has indoor elevators.

“All my socials got the check, if you talk out of line, put three stripes across your neck, in my under armor x-men, x-men without the x, man I only feel God, keep the cross against my chest” (Zo2). He has his own brand and by including three stripes he is throwing shade at Adidas, the same way he throws shade at under armor while supporting his brand BBB. His lyrics have a deeper meaning if you actually analyze them, especially if you are a big basketball fan.

“I stay with three B’s, shout out to the brand,  yes I’m the man only 19 and my neck’s 20 bands, wrist cost me 15, ears cost me 10” (Super Saiyan).  As you may know, a band is 1,000 dollars so just on some accessories alone he has 45,000 dollars spent.

Thoughts on the album

The album itself is creative in terms of lyrics and beats, and is overall a solid album.

Fellow star and Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma is known to playfully roast Lonzo and in an interview hosted on All Star weekend  in the NBA he stated, “The album is tra… nah just kidding, it’s solid, I like Grind Mode (another song on the album).”

Besides famous opinion, Giselle Gomez and Misal Rosa, a junior and senior at Pritzker thought the album was “fire.”

Album details

  • Release date: 02-15-2018
  • Label: Big Baller Music  group
  • Genre: Hip-hop/ Rap
  • Album Length: 61 minutes