You want to read this? Bet!

Display of the term "BET" on a post-it note

By Chris Ticas ’20

Bet. The new trend. Would trend be the right word? How about slang? Seems like almost everyone says it.  But do they know the true slang meaning? Is there even a meaning? What is “BET”?

The word has been on the rise in Pritzker for some time now; however, nobody knows who started it. No, you will not find out. Although, it is interesting as to how the word has affected Pritzker students and their normal day-to-day interactions.

Let us learn about “bet.” It is not known  when this “bet” trend was officially a thing. It seems as if no one is able to recall their first time of hearing the word, nor do they recall when it actually started. For Aliyah Sosa, sophomore, she explained her first encounter was “in Middle school.” Towards the origin of the legendary word “bet,” it still is unknown and will most likely stay unknown. The reason to why the origin might be unknown will be because different accounts will take ownership of the word and make the situation a difficult one. Senior Hernan Bueno stated, “I first began hearing the word ‘bet’ during the end of the my junior year.”

Okay, what about its rise to become so popular. How did it become very popular? How often was it used? Daily? Hourly? All day? Everyday? Well first, there are different views on this fame of the legendary word “bet.” Emanuel Velasco described how often he uses the word. Velasco stated he barely uses it “not often, at all.” Whereas Sosa  stated, “Every single day.” And Sosa isn’t the only one who thinks like this. Bueno stated, “ I usually use the word around ten times, if not more, a day.” Additionally, sophomore student Vanessa Valdez stated to her use of the word, “at least once a day.” It is seen that not everybody is using “bet” in their everyday lives. Some use it more than others, and that’s fine. The final thoughts, although, are: What does “bet” actually mean? Are people using the right form of “bet”? Is there even a right way?

Finally! To end this talk about “bet”, the meaning of it must be found. Constantly and constantly is the question of: Is there a true meaning to the word? People can have the same idea to what it means like Bueno, Sosa, and Valdez have. Bueno stated, “to me[it’s] a form of agreement.” Sosa also stated, “To me, it means okay.” Finally, Valdez explained, “Something you’re [going to] do.” Velasco also responded with a different answer “I don’t know how to put it in words.” All these answers are in some way correct. It depends on how it is being used in a conversation.

In the end, “bet” will always be accompanied with the same questions of its origins and what it really means, but that’s is just one of the factors that make “bet” a great slang word. With no real or proper meaning, the use of it still rises. So keep on saying it. In the right way at least! Okay? BET!