“You” Season two: a twisting plot

“You” Season two: a twisting plot

By Laura Ocampo ’20

“You” season two embraces flashbacks throughout the show, with narratives from the main character, and an obvious storyline.

The second season continues with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who has now changed his identity and his name to Will. He has now found his new victim and her name is Love (Victoria Pedretti). He begins to stalk her life just like he did with Beck in season one.

Throughout the show, we can see flashbacks of Joe’s past life in New York. As a result, we see how Joe’s past is still affecting his life in the present. I like how this season incorporates flashbacks of season one because they all correlate to the present time. I was able to see a connection of Joe’s behavior between season one and two because he seems to be making the same mistakes.

This season also incorporates Joe’s narrative, so we can see how a serial killer like Joe thinks. I like to see how Joe processes his ideas because we see how his thinking may or may not affect his actions. His narrative allows the audience to see a different side of Joe as he talks about the way he feels without necessarily showing his emotions.

This show also incorporates the same storyline as season one with Joe killing anyone who would come between his relationship with his lover. This is why I found a few episodes repetitive because the same idea had already happened in season one. This made me want to skip episodes to go onto the end to see what would make season two special. But it was all worth it in the end because the last episode does bring a different plot and makes the audience wonder what actions Joe will take next.

Someone said that they did not like the show because it “normalizes toxic relationships.” People need to understand that this is just a show and not everything they see on tv is true. To add on, this show is intended to be for mature audiences.

  • Episodes: 10
  • Netflix Original 
  • Genre: Crime Drama