Wu Assassins: Most conspicuous fantasy series

Scene from show when Kai realizes he had powers and learns how to use them.

By Mirna Pineda ’21

The Show “Wu Assassins” has an interesting plot, astonishing actors, and extraordinary special effects. 

The show “Wu Assassins” is a supernatural and crime fiction Netflix original. Created by John Wirth and Tony Krantz. The plot has preternatural and stupendous scenes.

 The show is about a San Francisco chef, Kai; who soon realizes he is the last wu assassin and has to conserve San Francisco’s Chinatown. Kai had to learn how to restore his powers and use them. Kai faced many obstacles trying to protect his loved ones. He questioned his true destiny. Kai needed to use his powers to dispatch of those who used their powers for misdemeanor. 

The star actors in the series are Iko Uwais playing Kai, Byron Mann playing Uncle Six, and Li Jun Li playing Jenny Wah. These actors apply substantial emotion in their acting. It feels like the actors aren’t truly acting, as if they carried the characters true identity. For example, in a scene where Kai believed someone close to him died, Uwais applied splendid emotions. The actors did a remarkable job adapting their acting skills to an abnormal show. 

The best thing about the show was the special effects. The show is supernatural, therefore; the elements in the show are different. One of the unique things about the show is that they use martial arts. Many of the special effects look staggering when applied to martial arts. The colors and sound effects make it look real.  In most of the scenes, fire is being used as a superpower. Most of the characters can shoot out fire from their hands. As abnormal as that sounds, in the show it looks utterly real.

Although the show seems great, many tend to follow the negative route when rating this show. Many people say that the cgi is overused. Meaning that the computer generated imagery is too much. Some say it makes it look fake. The show is supernatural which is why special effects are being used. It gives the show a distinctive view setting it apart from normal shows. Another controversial aspect is that the sound effects are too fake. Indeed, it sounds different but the show needs to add aspects that make it different from other shows to adapt to the  supernatural genre.

  • Find it only on Netflix 
  • 10 episodes 
  • Range from 41 to 53 minutes long