Would you steal from someone who helped you?

Picture of the GoFundMe set up for Johnny Bobbitt Jr.

By Esteven Estrada ‘19

Imagine your car breaks down and a homeless man who was in the military and has a drug problem decides to help you by giving you his last $20.

That is what happened to Katelyn McClure in Philadelphia in August when Johnny Bobbitt Jr. decided to help her. To repay him, McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico started a GoFundMe to get Bobbitt back on his feet.

The GoFundMe currently says that the couple has raised $402,706 when they only asked for $10,000!

Then, out of nowhere, Bobbitt sues the couple because he claims that they have taken money from the GoFundMe, which was only for him.

The couple originally claimed that they had not taken money from the GoFundMe, but, recently, they were found to have gone on vacation and bought a new and expensive BMW, bought expensive clothes, went on vacations to different places, and D’Amico has said that he took $500 from the GoFundMe account to gamble but paid it back when he had gotten it back.

Now, the couple has claimed that D’Amico had bought McClure the BMW as a present and the vacations were out of their pocket, but that doesn’t absolve them because they bought all these expensive things after the GoFundMe. Also, Bobbitt has asked the question of how could they afford these expensive things with McClure being a receptionist for the New Jersey Department of Transportation and D’Amico being a carpenter.

This is honestly horrible because not only are they taking money that people donated to a homeless man, but it is the money they wanted to raise because the homeless man had helped them in a time of need. How much of a trash person do you have to be in order to take the money from someone, who, with the kindness of their heart, gave you the last of HIS money to help you!

In the defense of the couple though, D’Amico has said in on multiple occasions that they will give to Bobbitt after he kicks his drug habit because he would most likely waste it all in drugs, which is totally reasonable.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if that is true because the couple has changed their story on where the money is. They first said that the money is in a separate account from Bobbitt that cannot be checked, but then they said that they had created an account for Bobbitt that the police can check.

The couple has shown that they are not trustable because they have changed their stories multiple times.

Although this story is horrible, there is some good that has come out of it. GoFundMe has come out and said that they will give Johnny Bobbitt Jr. the rest of the money that he was owed.

For the sake of being a good person, please do not follow in the footsteps of McClure and D’Amico.